Native iPhone App – iPhone Video Recorder Released

BY Jason

Published 26 Apr 2008

Finally after days of iPhone news & rumors I have a native iPhone application to tell you folks about.

iPhone developer, DreamCatcher has released iPhone Video Recorder which as the name suggests records both audio and video which you can then play back on your iPhone, download it to a computer, or simply send it out by email.

The iPhone Video recorder v1.1 as mentioned earlier records both audio and video to the compressed mpeg4 format. The latest version of the native iPhone application comes with Audio bit Rate control, four image quality options, audio input amp and four different video size modes. After recording you can play back the video on your iPhone itself, download it to a computer, or simply send it out by email.

DreamCatchers claims that the iPhone video recorder can record at the rate of 15 fps. He goes on to add that since it was difficult to maintan the frame rate, he has used a postponed encoding method rather than on the fly encoding.

However, Erica Sadun over @ Tuaw who checked out this native application comments that the application still needs some work with regards to its interface but it recorded without any issues. She also observed that the recording was grainy (probably due to the low quality of iPhone’s camera) while the audio was clear. She was also not able to get playback to work on the iPhone.

You can checkout the YouTube video below taken using iPhone Video Recorder:

If you want to checkout iPhone Video Recorder then you will need to first jailbreak your iPhone just like other native iPhone applications. You can check out these posts on how to jailbreak your iPhone: ZiPhone 3.0: New version of Popular tool to JailBreak and Unlock iPhone Released or iLiberty: Easy to use Application to JailBreak, Activate and Unlock iPhone.

If you have used any one of the methods mentioned above then it
should have also installed the Installer app which needs to be used to
add the source:

Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  • Launch the Installer app by tapping its icon on your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Tap “Sources” button.
  • Then tap “Edit” in the upper-right corner.
  • And tap “Add” in the upper-left corner.
  • Enter the URL of the iPhone Video Recorder source:
  • Press “OK”
  • Installer app will add the source, and you will be able to find iPhone Video Recorder in the normal “Install” menu.

What you think about the latest native iPhone application?

Update (27th April, 2008):

Thanks everyone for the feedback, keep them coming. I forgot to mention that with the free version of iPhone Video recorder you can record only upto 30 seconds. So in case you want to record for more than 30 seconds or like the application and want to support the developer, you can buy a license for $20.

Product page [Tuaw via MyTriniPhone]


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