Apple Launches “Why You’ll Love an iPad” Campaign

BY Jason

Published 29 Mar 2013


Apple has just launched a new “Why You’ll Love an iPad” campaign on its site, which is similar to the “Why iPhone” campaign launched a few days back. The webpage highlights why the iPad is better than other tablets in the market.

In typical Apple fashion, the webpage is divided into multiple sections, each its own hero image.

The page starts off by touting the J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction awards it has been receiving since the past few years for the iPad:

People love using iPad. We know because they’ve said so. In a study by J.D. Power and Associates, Apple ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Tablets.” The American Customer Satisfaction Index also ranked Apple first in the category of personal computers, which includes tablets. And because people love iPad so much, they’re doing more with it — a lot more. Here are just a few examples.

It then goes on to highlight features such as the 300,000 apps designed specially for the iPad, its exquisite design and build quality, two sizes which it says are brilliant, long battery life, its front and back facing camera, support for LTE networks, iOS 6 which it calls the most advanced operating system, iCloud and the support.

It’s strange that Apple didn’t launch this webpage along with the “Why iPhone” webpage, which was launched hot on the heels of the launch of Samsung’s high-profile launch of the Galaxy S4.

Let me know what you think of the new “Why You’ll Love an iPad” page. Are those the reasons you love your iPad?

HT: MacRumors