High-quality video of yellow iPhone 5C Rear Shell

BY Jason

Published 14 Aug 2013

Video thumbnail for youtube video New High-quality video of yellow iPhone 5C rear shell

If you want to know what the rumored lower-cost or budget iPhone 5C will look like in yellow then check out the video after the break.

SonnyDickson has posted a new high-quality video of a yellow rear shell, which he claims is of the budget iPhone.

He compares the iPhone 5C rear shell with the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS. While it is difficult to confirm the authencity, the quality of the rear shell looks quite good, and seems like the rear shell of an Apple product.

It doesn’t reveal anything new, just gives a good idea of what the yellow budget iPhone will look like. iPhone 5C is expected to be available in multiple colors such as red, green, yellow, blue and white.

Apple is widely expected to unveil iPhone 5S and perhaps even the budget iPhone 5C at the media event on September 10.

[Via Sonny Dickson]