You Could Soon Auto-Post Your Instagram Stories on Facebook

BY Chethan Rao

Published 7 Sep 2017

Instagram Stories - Facebook

Facebook introduced Stories not so long ago, following the lead of Instagram and WhatsApp. While Instagram and WhatsApp have a large number of users accessing Stories on a regular basis, Facebook Stories was falling behind. It seems like the company now has a plan in place to change this. According to a new feature uncovered by Mashable, Facebook is looking to increase user engagement with Stories by allowing your Instagram Stories to be automatically posted on Facebook as well.

This will give users the ability to post the same stories on multiple platforms, without having to manually post them individually. This makes sense too, considering how Facebook Stories doesn’t have a lot of user engagement at this point.

This new feature was uncovered in the form of screenshots, showing a prompt, asking if the user intends to upload the story on Facebook as well. This is probably being tested internally at this point, although it shouldn’t be long until this feature goes mainstream. Facebook Stories appear on top of the user’s newsfeed and are seldom accessed by the users. Instagram Stories, however, has a massive user following with over 250 million customers reportedly using it daily.

Stories, as a concept, was originally introduced by Snapchat. Facebook was publicly called out for blatantly ripping off Stories with three of its platforms, although Stories on Instagram and WhatsApp have been incredibly popular since they were introduced.

Would you like to see this feature implemented?

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