YouTube TV is Now Available for Apple TV

BY Evan Selleck

Published 2 Feb 2018

Earlier today, it was reported that while YouTube TV was rolling out for Roku-branded streaming devices, the Apple TV app was coming “very soon”.

Turns out that was indeed the case, because YouTube TV has officially launched for the Apple TV. The official YouTube TV Twitter account tweeted out that Apple TV users should check the App Store not too long ago, giving a pretty clear indicator that the app is now available for Apple’s set-top box.

Here’s the tweet:

YouTube TV starts at $35 per month. However, like many of the other options out there, customers can choose to add “premium channels” to the mix, which can increase the monthly price quite a bit, depending on how many options they want to bring to the fore.

The app itself is a free download and installation.

There are already a variety of different streaming options available on Appel TV, including DirecTV NOW, Hulu TV, Playstation Vue, and more. YouTube TV is now available in over 80 metro areas in the United States, with plans to continue to roll out availability for the foreseeable future.

Our Take

That was a pretty quick turnaround from the report earlier today, to say the least. And for Apple TV owners who have been waiting to use a native YouTube TV app on the set-top box, especially following the delay last year, it’s good to see the app is now available. YouTube TV already has over 300,000 subscribers, so it will be interesting to see how those numbers climb now that the app is available on Roku and Apple TV.

[via @YouTubeTV]