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Thanks for visiting our Advertising page. is a leading web blog covering all things Apple. It is updated on a daily basis with content which is hard-to-find making it a valuable resource for those who have already bought or plan to buy an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

The site generates over 7 million+ page views per month from approximately 4 million+ unique visitors. In addition, we have 450,000+ Facebook fans, and 85,000 Twitter followers.

More importantly readers of are influencers and early adopters of technology thus providing advertisers a highly targeted audience they are looking for.

Site Stats as of Aug, 2016

  • Facebook Fans: 960,000+
  • Twitter Fans: 98,000+
  • YouTube: 55,000+

Advertising options:

  • Banner Ads
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Newsletter Sponsorship

We offer IAB-standard sized units, you can book a campaign with us directly by selecting some ad zones below.

Sponsored Posts:

We offer sponsored posts only for iOS apps. We will write a sponsored post that describes the features of the app which will be written by one of our writers.
We will be able to add only a nofollow App Store link to ensure we comply to Google’s guidelines. We can also add the link to the YouTube video for your app if you’ve one. The post will be published on the site, just like a normal post but it will be labeled as Sponsored. We will use Bitly to track the performance.
The post is also automatically published on our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts, which has more than 1.1 million followers, which is also a great way to get additional visibility for your app.
In addition, we will also promote the post on our Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts over the weekend to give your app even more visibility.
Please note that we only offer Sponsored posts for apps at the moment. We won’t be able to accept Sponsored requests for products and services if it does not have an app which we can link to in the post.
A sponsored post is a great way to introduce your app to our audience and get visibility for your app. To schedule a sponsorship or for additional information, please email us.

Newsletter Sponsorships:

We offer weekly and monthly sponsorship for our Daily Newsletter.

We have 25k email subscribers for our Daily Newsletter currently. The open rate is 10-12% and the click through rates is 3-4%. It is a great way to promote your product or service to our readers.

The ad will be displayed right at the top in our Daily Newsletter. It has four attributes: the title, the thumbnail of the product or service, the URL for the links, and a description of 100 words or fewer. You can write the content of the ad, though they are subject to our approval. It will be similar to the ad you can see in our Daily Newsletter:

➤  Example

The Daily Newsletter not only goes to our email subscribers daily, but we also auto-publish the link to Facebook and Twitter (over 1 million followers), so your product should get significantly more visibility. Here’s an example:

Daily Newsletter on Facebook

Daily Newsletter on Twitter

We will also post on Twitter and Facebook thanking our Newsletter Sponsor with a link to your product once for a weekly sponsorship and once every week for a monthly sponsorship.

Thank you post on Facebook

Thank you post on Twitter

To schedule a sponsorship or for additional information, please email us.