This 24 karat gold iPhone 6 encrusted with diamonds costs $3.49 million

BY Killian Bell

Published 10 Feb 2015


Many believe Apple’s latest iPhones are already too expensive, but for a small few, they’re nowhere near expensive enough. Which is why you can buy a custom version of the iPhone 6, finished with 24 karat gold and encrusted with diamonds, for as much as £2.3 million ($3.49 million).

U.K.-based Goldgenie has been customizing iPhones and other smartphones for a number of years, and they keep getting more spectacular — and more expensive. Its latest offering, the Diamond Ecstasy Edition, is one of its most prestigious so far.

The device can be had in 24 karat gold, rose gold, or platinum, and it’s entirely up to you what kind of stones it has and how they are encrusted.

“The Ecstasy stone palette can include traditional white diamonds alongside their coloured counterparts in pink and black, sapphires, corundum, topaz, emeralds, rubies, tourmalines and tanzanite,” Goldgenie says.

“Clients are encouraged to participate in the design process to ensure their phone is bespoke exactly to their preferences and guarantees that the end creation will be truly unique.”

Diamond Ecstasy Edition devices can also be engraved with messages, names, and symbols using laser technology. Each one is handmade at the company’s London workshop, and they come unlocked in a luxury cherry oak box.

These devices can be had for as little as £10,000 ($15,200), but if you want 24 karat gold and as many stones as you can get, you’ll pay up to £2.3 million. That’s ten times as much as the vast majority of us would spend on a house.

Not only must you be ridiculously wealthy to buy one of these, then, but also pretty crazy, too.

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