How to add Facebook and Twitter share widgets to Notification Center in iOS 7

BY Gautam Prabhu

Published 6 Jan 2014


In iOS 7, Apple completely revamped Notification Center, and removed some of the unnecessary things, at least in my opinion, such as shortcuts to quickly post to Twitter and Facebook.

It was quite convenient no doubt, but Notification Center didn’t seem like the right place for the shortcut, as it was meant for users to access notifications.

Anyways, if you miss the shortcuts to quickly post to Twitter and Facebook, then you should install a new jailbreak tweak called Share Widget for iOS 7.

It adds shortcuts for Twitter, Facebook and Chinese social networking sites such as Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo to Notification Center’s Today tab.


After installing the jailbreak tweak, you need to enable Share Widget to make it visible by launching the Settings app and navigating to Notification Center, and enabling the toggle for the Share Widget under Today View.


Tapping on the shortcuts will bring up the share sheet for Facebook and Twitter respectively exactly like iOS 6, so you can quickly post to Facebook or tweet without having to leave the current app.


The tweak has a setting for regular and compact layout, but it looks like only the regular layout is working currently, as enabling or disabling the Compact Layout toggle doesn’t do anything.


Share Widget for iOS 7 developed by Merlin Mao is available for free on Cydia.


Were you missing the Twitter and Facebook shortcuts in Notification Center? Let me know in the comments.