Apple Discontinues The $10k Gold Apple Watch Edition; Replaces It With Ceramic Model

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 7 Sep 2016


The $10,000, Apple Watch Edition Gold is no more. The Apple Watch for the high-end luxury market was silently discontinued after the Apple Watch Series 2 launch today. The Apple Watch Gold was made of solid 18 karat gold.

The Edition version isn’t going anywhere, though. Although Apple didn’t utter the word Edition a single time in the entire keynote today, the new Ceramic version is actually the Edition model. The full name is Apple Watch Edition Series 2. And it starts at just $1,249 ($1,299 for the 42 MM model). That’s quite a drop for the Edition model range.


The Ceramic is white in color and shiny. It doesn’t just look luxurious, it’s apparently also a very strong material. 4 times stronger than stainless steel.

Here’s a quote from the Apple site about how it’s made.

“The process of creating the Apple Watch Edition case begins with a high-strength zirconia powder that’s combined with alumina to achieve its rich, white color. Each case is then compression molded, sintered, and polished using a diamond slurry, which results in a remarkably smooth surface and an exquisite shine. With this precise level of workmanship, every Apple Watch Edition case takes days to make.”

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