Apple Kills iOS 13.5 Jailbreak With New iOS Update

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 1 Jun 2020

Apple today released the iOS 13.5.1 update less than a couple of weeks after it had released iOS 13.5 with some major changes and improvements. The update patches the 0-day vulnerability used by Unc0ver to jailbreak iOS 13.5.

The team behind Unc0ver had updated their tool just last week to add support for iOS 13.5 jailbreak. This was the first time in years that the tool was using an 0-day security exploit for the jailbreak. This led to a very stable jailbreak experience, something which one could not say for previous iOS 13 jailbreaks. However, with the release of iOS 13.5.1, Apple has patched this security vulnerability.

This means that if you value your iOS 13.5 jailbreak, you should not update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13.5.1. Make sure to turn off Auto Updates on your iPhone so that it does not end up automatically updating itself to iOS 13.5.1. Even if you have not jailbroken your yet and plan on doing so in the future, it is recommended that you do not update to iOS 13.5.1 as there might not ever be a jailbreak tool for it.

The iOS 13.5.1 release from Apple does not bring any other usability improvements or major bug fixes so there’s really no reason to update to it for now. If your iPhone or iPad has automatically updated itself to iOS 13.5.1, you can still downgrade it back to iOS 13.5 by following this guide.

Will you be updating your iPhone to iOS 13.5.1? Or are you going to stick to iOS 13.5 as you value your jailbreak setup more? Drop a comment and let us know!