Apple launches ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ campaign on its homepage

BY Gautam Prabhu

Published 2 Mar 2015

Shot on iPhone 6

Apple has updated its homepage with a new “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign, which as the name suggests showcases photographs taken using the iPhone 6 by photographers around the world.

iMore reports that Apple is planning to rollout the iPhone 6 photography campaign across print media in 70 cities and 24 countries.

Apple will be rolling out the iPhone 6 photography campaign, which comprises 77 photographers from around the world, across print media, 70 cities, and 24 countries.

From Sydney to Beijing to San Francisco to New York City to London and more, Apple will feature the iPhone photographers and their work on posters at transit stops and stations and in newspaper ads and on billboards. Not the iPhone 6. Not its camera. Not product shots. But shots taken by the product — by the iPhone 6 camera.

The World Gallery webpage also highlights the third-party apps such as VSCO Cam, Snapseed, Filterstorm Neue, Instaflash Pro etc. that were used by the photographers to take photographs using the iPhone 6, and apps like Instagram, Flickr to share them.

I don’t think that it was a coincidence that Apple launched the iPhone 6 photography campaign just when rivals Samsung and HTC were busy unveiling their response to iPhone 6.

Here’s a gallery of some of the photographs from the “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign. You can see more photographs from Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign on the World Gallery webpage.