Watch Apple’s ‘It’s Show Time’ Opening Film and Every Other Event Video Right Here

BY Evan Selleck

Published 25 Mar 2019

Apple today had an eventful day, announcing a variety of new services. As usual, the company also had plenty of videos to show off during the event.

And now that the fun has ended, Apple has uploaded those videos to its official YouTube page. They include all of the videos that Apple presented during the “It’s Show Time” event, which includes one of the best opening films to date. You can watch that one just below:

And then after that, we get right into the goods. That includes the presentation for Apple News+, which Apple will be launching this year. This is a brand new service for digital subscriptions and news sources. It will also include over 300 magazine options, all for $9.99 per month. Here is Apple’s description of the video, and then the film itself:

“With Apple News+ you can now get full access to hundreds of magazines and leading newspapers. All in one place.

Meet some of the journalists who write and capture the stories featured in Apple News+”

Moving right along to the Apple Card, Apple’s take on the credit card. This idea will see lower interest rates, Daily Cash for percentages back on purchases made every single day, and even a titanium physical card.

“This is Apple Card. A credit card created by Apple, not a bank. Built for simplicity, transparency and privacy. Coming this summer.”

Apple Arcade is a brand new way to play games, which will launch later this year. This is designed to be a new platform for developers to launch games, and where consumers can pay a monthly subscription to access over 100 games. There are two videos for this one. The first, you get to meet the creators of some of the games that will be available in Apple Arcade:

“Games that redefine games.

To create Apple Arcade, Apple has joined forces with some of the world’s most innovative game developers to realize the games of their dreams — and yours. Coming this fall.

Video featuring:
Charles Cecil, Revolution Software, “Beyond a Steel Sky”
Sam Rosenthal & Cedric Adams, Snowman/The Game Band, “Where Cards Fall”
Hironobu Sakaguchi, Mistwalker Corporation, “FANTASIAN”
Denis Mikan, kunabi brother, “Lifelike”
Bekah Saltsman, Finji, “Overland””

And then a promo video for the games themselves:

“Apple Arcade is the first gaming service of its kind, with 100+ games designed by the most creative minds in the industry. Here’s a first look at some of its most innovative titles. Coming this fall.

Video featuring:
“Little Orpheus” by Sumo Digital/The Chinese Room
“The Artful Escape” by Annapurna Interactive/Beethoven & Dinosaur
“The Pathless” by Annapurna Interactive/Giant Squid
“ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree” by Wildboy Studios
“LEGO Brawls” by LEGO/RED Games
“Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm” by Cornfox & Bros.
“Sonic Racing” by SEGA®/HARDlight Studios
“Box Project” by AQUIRIS
“Frogger in Toy Town” by Konami
“Projection: First Light” by Blowfish Studios/Shadowplay Studios
“Mr. Turtle” by Illusion Labs
“FANTASIAN” by Mistwalker Corporation
“Enter The Construct” by Directive Games Limited
“Beyond a Steel Sky” by Revolution Software
“Sayonara Wild Hearts” by Annapurna Interactive/Simogo
“Hot Lava” by Klei Entertainment”

And, finally, Apple TV+. This is the new original TV and film subscription service that will launch later this year. Another pair of videos for this one. The first, letting the storytellers explain how awesome, and terrifying, it is to launch new things for people to watch:

“Meet the creative minds behind the stories.

Apple TV+ is a new streaming service with original stories from the most creative minds in TV and film. Coming this fall.

Video featuring:
J.J. Abrams
Jennifer Aniston
Damien Chazelle
Sofia Coppola
Ron Howard
M. Night Shyamalan
Octavia Spencer
Steven Spielberg
Hailee Steinfeld
Reese Witherspoon”

And, Apple TV+ and Oprah, who is working on a pair of documentaries:

“Oprah is here. And together, we hope to do amazing things that truly matter. Because the world needs more of what matters.”

That is a lot! But the videos are great, as usual.

Our Take

Apple has been a Services company for quite some time, but it is definitely going all-in now. That makes sense, considering it has the hardware element down pat at this point. Launching these things just makes sense now.

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