Apple Watch Solo Loop Bands: How to Select the Correct Size for Your Wrist

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 30 Sep 2020

Apple Watch Solo Loop Band Find Right Size

Alongside the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, Apple also launched the Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop bands. Unlike conventional watch bands, the Solo Loop bands do not feature a clasp or a buckle mechanism. Instead, they have a slip-on design where the user is meant to simply slip it on their wrist.

The stretchable and slip-on design of the Solo Loop and the Braided Solo Loop means that it is available in different sizes for different wrist sizes. Compared to other watch bands, one must get the right size of the new loops as their size cannot be adjusted later on due to their slip-on design. While the bands are stretchable, that’s only meant for slip-on/off purpose and not for size adjustment in any way.

Compared to other watch bands, the Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop bands are extremely comfortable and easy to wear which is why there’s a lot of consumer interest in them. The Solo Loop band is made from liquid silicone rubber, while the Braided Solo Loop is made from recycled silicone thread.

No wonder then that Apple offers the Solo Loop bands in nine different sizes and even offers a size guide on its store page. However, even after that, many customers who ordered the Solo Loop or the Braided Solo Loop have faced size issues with their bands. If you are looking to buy the Solo Loop or the Braided Solo Loop band from Apple, check out some tips below to make sure you select the right size of the band for your wrist.

Solo Loop Bands Apple Watch Compatibility 

Apple might have announced the Solo Loop and the Braided Solo Loop watch bands alongside the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, but the watch bands are compatible with older Apple Watch models as well. The following Apple Watch models are compatible with the Solo Loop and the Braided Solo Loop bands:

  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch SE

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Find the Right Apple Watch Solo Loop Bands Size

Use Apple’s Solo Loop Sizing Tool

If you want to order a Solo Loop or a Braided Solo Loop band from Apple’s online store, your best bet is to follow the company’s sizing tool for the watch band to find the correct size for your wrist. The instructions are pretty simple but it is important you follow them properly.

Apple wants you to print out the PDF on a paper at 100% scale then cut the tool and wrap it tightly around your wrist where you wear your watch. Then depending on the fit, note down the number that suits your size. If you find one size too tight and another a bit too loose, go with the size that’s a bit tight since the band will eventually loosen up a bit. You definitely do not want your Apple Watch to slide around on your wrist. It is also important that the Watch sits snugly on your wrist as otherwise, the heart rate scanner and the blood oxygen sensor might not work properly.

Solo Loop Size Guide

Use the Band Measurement Tool

Apple’s sizing tool requires one to have access to a printer which might not be possible for everyone. If that’s the case for you, no need to worry as there’s another option. You can simply measure your wrist size by wrapping a tape around your wrist and noting its size. Make sure that you do not hold the measuring tape too tightly, it should be a snug fit.

After that, go to Apple’s store page for the Solo Loop or the Braided Solo Loop. During the order process, you will find the ‘Start your band measurement’ option. Click on it and then select the “Household objects” option. After that, enter the measurement that you took in either cm or inches. After that, Apple will automatically recommend the ideal Solo Loop band size for you. You might be displayed two different band sizes for different fits: one that’s suited towards active lifestyles and another with a relaxed fit for everyday use.

Apple Watch Solo Loop sizing guide

Map the Sport Band Holes

If you already have an Apple Watch with a Sport Band, you can use it along with Apple’s Solo Loop sizing tool to find the right watch band size for you. As explained by John Gruber of Daring Fireball, the Sport Band holes map with the Solo Loop sizes from Apple.

Below is how Gruber explains his sizing theory:

The top of the bands aren’t supposed to line up. My methodology was simple. I tried all four Sport Band combinations on my own wrist: 40 and 44mm watches, with both the S/M and M/L bands. Then I lined up the Sport Band hole that fit my wrist best with the Solo Loop size that I know fits me best (size 7). That’s it. You line up the Sport Band hole that fits you best with the Solo Loop size that fits you best and the other hole-to-Solo-Loop-size mappings just fall into place. The fact that the tops of the bands don’t line up when you do this is irrelevant.

Go to Your Nearest Apple Retail Store

Not the ideal solution given the scenario, but if you really do not want to worry about the size of your Apple Watch Solo Loop band, your best bet is to simply visit your nearest Apple Store. It is recommended that you take a prior appointment beforehand and then go to the store. An Apple store employee will then help you in determining the best fit for a Solo Loop or a Braided Solo Loop band.

If you already have a Solo Loop band that’s ill-fitting, this is your best option as Apple is doing an in-store replacement for the bands. This is faster than returning the band to Apple through its online support as the process can end up taking a week or more depending on where you live. Apple will also only ship the replacement band after it has received the original band.

Were you able to find the right size of the Solo Loop band for your wrist by following the guide above? Or by using Apple’s Solo Loop size guide tool? Or did you end up returning the Solo Loop band due to size issues? Do drop a comment and let us know!