The Best Accessories for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in 2020

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 21 Oct 2018

The Best Accessories for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Featured

Now that you’ve set up your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max with the best apps, it’s time to think about accessories. Every iPhone needs its support system. It can be a case, a screen protector, or a car mount. Those are the basics but if you want to take your iPhone experience to a whole new level, we recommend buying a stellar pair of wireless headphones and a wireless or fast charger.

Check out our list of the best accessories for your iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Best iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Accessories

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone XS

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Spigen is one of the most trusted brands for cases and covers. Best recommended if you are buying the New iPhone XS and XS Max. The cover comes with a bumper and a hard plate.

The bumper is meant to soak up the jerks and shocks resulted from falling and prevents harm to the body of the phone, whereas the hard plate is there to prevent scratches due to friction and jerks over surfaces.

The case is made up of military-grade Air Cushion technology which can prevent the phone’s screen and glass back from cracking and shattering itself from any accidental falls and slips. The transparent cover also allows you to flaunt the new Gold color.

iPhone XS – Buy Now [Amazon] – $11

➤ iPhone XS Max – Buy Now [Amazon] – $13.99

2. Caseology Legion Series Case

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Caseology series can provide you with the best defense protection for your new iPhone. Dual layers of the case improve the toughness and provide a good barrier protection to your phone in case of any falls.

It is extremely lightweight so it doesn’t make it uncomfortable to carry around either. The distinguishable feature of this case is that it allows you to work with most wireless chargers so you don’t need to remove the cover again and again.

Along with the super compact design, it also available in a multitude of colors making it a great choice for your iPhone.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $13.99)

Caseology Legion Series Case for iPhone XS ($15) is not available currently.

3. Supcase Rugged Case

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Supcase is known for its top-quality glass. It provides 3D tempered glass which can accentuate your viewing experience. It also preserves the smoothness and sensitivity, so that your fingers can easily glide on the screen. Given that the iPhone XS has curved edges, this little detail makes a huge difference in day to day use.

The sturdiness and the quality of the glass retain the clarity of the screen also, increasing its durability.

iPhone XS – Buy Now [Amazon] – $20

iPhone XS Max – Buy Now [Amazon] – $20

4. iPhone XS Screen Protector by Spigen

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Spigen is a well-known brand for Apple cases and screen protectors. It can be a great choice for the iPhone XS screen protector as well.

It has a 9H hardness glass that can easily guard against everyday wear and tear. It also has an oleophobic coating over it which keeps smudges and moisture at bay keeping the screen touch-responsive and fully clear.

It is also case-friendly as it works out well with almost all iPhone XS cases. A longstanding track record of durability makes it the default choice for every iPhone XS user. If you’re not planning to buy the extended Apple Care, you probably should get a screen protector.

➤ iPhone XS – Buy Now [Amazon] – $10.99

➤ iPhone XS Max – Buy Now [Amazon] – $10.99

5. Belkin PowerHouse Docking Station


Belkin iPhone Charging Dock and Apple Watch Charging Stand

A Docking station is a must-have if you own an Apple watch too. If you’re all in on the Apple ecosystem, a docking station makes the charging experience much better.

Belkin Docking Station is well-built, has a compact design which has space for both Apple Watch and iPhone for secure charging.

It is available in multiple colors and it is absolutely case-friendly so you don’t have to take off the case of your phone to charge it.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $79.99

7. Apple AirPods

AirPods Charging Case Charge Status

Hands down, this is the best accessory you can buy for your new iPhone. The wireless headphones might not seem that appealing, but once you start using them, your world changes. We called it the best new product that Apple made in 2016, the year that the iPhone 7 Plus came out. Apple has made even more improvements with AirPods 2.

AirPods are seamless and a joy to use. Each AirPod has 5 hours battery, but the case can last for up to 25 hours. You won’t need to charge it for a week in day to day use. AirPods are smart. You can double-tap to talk to Siri or to play or pause the track. Just take an AirPod out to pause the media, put it back and it resumes automatically. And of course, no pesky tanging cords to worry about, ever!

If you’re looking for active noise cancellation, and a better fit then you should get AirPods Pro.

➤ AirPods Pro – Buy Now [Amazon] – $234.95, regular price – $249

➤ AirPods With Wireless Charging Case – Buy Now [Amazon] – $169, regular price – $199

➤ AirPods With Regular Charging Case – Buy Now [Amazon] – $139, regular price – $159

8. Anker PowerWave Wireless Charging Stand

The new iPhones support wireless charging. But if you want to get a Wireless charger from Apple Store, it will cost you around $60. Which is a bit too much to pay. Plus, the wireless chargers that Apple sells, are flat and circular. It’s hard to perfectly position your iPhone XS over the coil.

All these problems are taken care of when you switch to a wireless charging stand. And Anker makes a really good one for a half of the price. The 7.5w charger supports fast charging on the iPhone XS and XS Max.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $29.99

9. Anker PowerPort 2 Fast Charging Adapter 30W

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The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max still ship with a 5W Adapter. This means it takes more than 3.5 hours to fully charge the iPhone XS Max. If you’re charging overnight, that’s fine. But if you use your phone a lot and need to quickly top up in the middle of the day, you’re going to need a fast charger. And Apple’s adapter will cost you more $50.

This is where Anker PowerPort 2 comes to your rescue. This is a USB-C charger compatible with various devices (like the MacBook) alongside iPhone. This charger has the ability of lightning-fast charging, powering up your device for up to 7 times faster with its 30W output. Anker’s Multi-protect 11-point safety suite gives all the protection that your device needs. It includes the USB-C port and a USB-A port both of which can charge your phone and another device at the same time.

Its compact design and foldable plug lets you carry this comfortably anywhere and all times. An absolute must-buy product if you are looking out for something that charging your device fast!

Buy Now [Amazon] – $32.99

10. Palovue Earflow in-Ear Lightning Headphone

The Palovue headphones can be a good choice if you are looking out for a cost-effective replacement of the Apple Lightning EarPods and if you don’t want to spend the money for the AirPods.

These headphones boast an inbuilt DAC plus 10 dynamic drivers which enhance the sound-quality 10 times. It also features an inline mic which enables you to receive calls.

The features make it quite a nice choice if you are looking out for a replacement for just trying a new pair of headphones.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $22.99

11. iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Car Mount

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iOttie car mounter is a must-have for drivers. It not only enhances the use of your phone while driving but also protects your phone from falling off, scratches, and damage in a moving car.

It is very convenient to mount our unmount on the car with just one finger push. It also has a CD Slot mounting feature where you can mount this on your car’s CD slot (which surely you’re not using anymore).

Buy Now [Amazon] ($19.95)

Your Favorite iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Accessories?

What are some of your favorite accessories for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max? Share with us in the comments below.

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