The Best Apple Watch Bands in 2020

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 25 Sep 2018

Best Apple Watch Bands for Apple Watch Series 5, Series 4, and Series 3

We’ve compiled some of the best Apple and third-party Apple Watch bands for Apple Watch Series 5, Series 4, and Series 3 for you, including an option that allows you to use an existing watchband with your Apple Watch. All the Apple Watch bands listed here are available in the 38/40mm and 42/44mm sizes.

The Best Apple Watch Bands for Apple Watch Series 5, Series 4 and Series 3

1. Apple Sports Band

Apple Watch Series 4 Sports Band Pink Sand

Apple Sports band is the best, most comfortable band for the Apple Watch and it comes in an array of colors. If you’re looking for yet another Apple Watch band, why not get the same reliable Sports band in a different color like White, Red, or Blue?

The advantage of chic and sportiness provided with a multitude of colors, makes this range of Apple Watch bands one of the best choices to wear on, be it an adventurous outdoor event/tour or regular workwear.

The sobriety of the pastel colors and the toughness and durability of the fluoroelastomer (fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber) from which the band is made up of, sits upon your wrist comfortably with a secured pin and tuck closure providing a snug fit. 

Buy Now [Amazon] – $45, 10% off compared to the Apple Store

2. Apple Sports Loop Band

Apple Watch Series 4 Sports Loop

As the name speaks off, this featherweight and the breathable band made up of double woven nylon features a hook-and-loop strap band which fastens swiftly over the wrist with a firm but quick adjustment. The Nylon material gives a soft feel over the skin and makes it more breathable allowing the moisture to escape.

A great choice for working professionals, it comes in 3 different colors – black, pink sand and seashell. Designed for Apple Watch Series 3 but also looks amazing on Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 4.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $39.20, 20% off compared to the Apple Store.

3. Nomad Modern Leather Strap

Nomad Modern Leather Strap

Design to fall in love with, especially the Apple and Leather lovers combined, this design gives an elegant and timeless look to your Apple Watch.

Nomad Leather Band comes with vegetable-tanned leather treated minimally in America’s oldest tanneries, giving a stylish yet traditional look owning up to your style. It comes in brown and slate gray color with stainless steel lug and buckle. Paired with the new rounded corners of the Apple Watch 5, this leather band looks amazing.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $32.99

4. KADES Link Bracelet

KADES Link Bracelet for Apple Watch Series 5

If you really like Apple’s link bracelet, but don’t want to pay $350 for it, then you will love KADES Link Bracelet as it costs just $22. It is crafted from 304L stainless steel and designed like Apple’s link bracelet but not a complete rip-off. It is also one of the easiest steel bands to resize, which is important to get a secure and comfortable fit. It can be done using a paper clip, which is included with the band to pop out the link pieces that hold them together. They are available in black and silver.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $21.99

5. AdMaster Sports Band

AdMaster Apple Watch Series 5 Band


Made up of pure silicone and flexible elastomer, AdMaster proves its durability and marks ist quality for the Apple Watch giving you a wide choice of colors to match with your daily outfit and work.

The dual combination of material used helps increase ventilation and comfort and can be easily worn all day. It comes with lugs on both sides of the band and makes it easily attachable to the Watch with a pin and tuck lock which secures your watch from falling or getting lost.

AdMaster’s Sports bands cost a fraction of Apple’s official Sports bands. And they’re good enough, especially if you frequently switch between bands. You can get a single band for less than $10.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $7.99

6. Marge Genuine Leather Band

Apple Watch Marge Band

A Top-quality 100% genuine leather band with an outstanding craftmanship meeting up with fashion and style, makes your Apple watch look classic and elegant.

It has an upgraded connector which makes it extra secure and won’t let the watch fall off in any case, along with the silver stainless steel buckle. It is sweat-absorbent making it more comfortable to wear for long hours. It comes only in the classic brown color. At just $10, the Marge band is cost-effective for the Apple Watch users who want a leather band that’s easy on the wallet.

Buy Now [Amazon] ($10.99)

7. Clockwork Synergy Classic NATO Band

Clockwork Nato Series 4 Bands

Clockwork has aa diverse product line which includes an immense collection of adjustable and comfortable straps for the Apple Watch. You can avail Silicone straps, Perlon Straps, and leather straps such as their Dapper Collection, Gentlemen’s Collection, and more.

But what’s most impressive is their NATO range. It’s similar to the Nylon Sports bands that Apple has, but with many more designs, the same quality, and at a cheaper rate. Amazon lists 25 different colors from the NATO band, going all the way from the classic Black/Grey combo to the funkier Black/Red/Yellow combo.

The Apple Watch straps are made up of high quality double layered nylon in a varied range of colors with a great level of comfort and style at the same time. They are available as 2-piece bands with quick release pin with adaptors and have a 3-pin steel attachment making it more secure.

A huge range of designs and colors are available for you to choose in this section within a reasonable range of prices for all versions of Apple Watch. 

Buy Now [Amazon] – $11.95

8. Infinity Bangle

Infinity Bangle Apple Watch Series 4

Infinity bangle provides straps for Apple watches which are jewelry bracelet-like. It’s an outstanding collection that stands out from the usual belt-like straps and designed to jazz up your look for the party or even for the formal meeting. 

It’s not easy to find Apple Watch bands for women, but Infinity Bangle does it right. The feminine delicate design is made up of stainless steel and zirconia stones. It comes in various designs and colors. The Rose Gold stainless steel edition, paired with the new Gold finish in the Series 5 Apple Watch looks gorgeous.

This band has removable links in the straps to fit up the size of 5 inches and up. Electroplated in 18K Gold for gold color and rhodium-plated for silver color. The only downside is the band’s delicacy. It’s great for an evening out, but don’t expect it to last in the gym.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $69.99

9. Survival Straps Paracord Band


Water Beat Tactical Apple Watch band

Survival Straps are one of the strongest and toughest straps available in the market, made up of 12’ of military paracord. Best for people engaged in sports, or are avid travelers who need an all long-lasting, tough, comfortable, and protective watch band.

The new version of the stainless-steel adapter is molded without screws making it fiercely secured and protective of the Watch case. Adapters are woven into a double strap paracord at the end of each strap.

The closures are made up of superior quality marine grade 316 stainless steel shackles which can never degrade or rust. It has 3 size adjustments for comfortable fits and, are available in 40 colors including dual-colored straps. It is sweat-absorbent, breathable, and waterproof.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $23.99

10. Speidel Twist-O-Flex Stainless Steel Band

Series 4 Flex O Twist

Speidel One of the most famous watch brands in America. Known for their sassy and clever but classy design that has become very popular recently.

These straps are stretchy just like the springs, which are clasp-less, resembling automobile leaf springs. They are strong, durable, waterproof, and sweat-absorbent and stretches up to 5 inches. Durability and uniqueness go hand-in-hand and are much cheaper than Apple’s bands. Even at $50, these bands cost a fraction of Apple’s own stainless steel bands, while looking and feeling just as good. Available in Brushed Stainless Steel, Silver Stainless Steel, and Black Stainless Steel.

Buy Now [Amazon] – ($80)

11. Nike+ Sports Brand

Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ Bands

If exercise is a big part of your life, you should get the Nike+ Sports band. Enjoy this super light, airy, funky strap without having to buy the Nike+ Apple Watch. Apple’s Sports band is already strong and comfortable, and Nike+ band improves on it even more.

The special perforated holes help the sweat to evaporate faster and make it airier than a usual Sports band watch, which makes it a truly standout choice for gym rats and athletes, especially runners. They are color-coordinated in order to sync with your Nike sports shoes as well which makes it even more fun.

Buy: Nike+ Sports Band ($49)

12. LuxWoods Apple Watch Band

LuxWood Apple Watch Band

If you are looking out for something more than the same leather or steel belt straps, here is an inimitable option for you to stand out. LuxWood bands are made up of black wood, a classic bracelet with each link polished and smoothed.

What’s more other than the wood, is its comfortability and protection with its high-quality buckle closure. A word of caution stays, as it is improper for rugged use and damage to the band remains a concerning point.

Buy Now ($64.99)

Apple Watch Band Adapters

Barton Watch Band Adapters

Have you heard about Apple Watch band adapters? As you might have guessed, the Apple Watch band adapters allow you to use your favorite band that you use with a standard wristwatch and make it compatible with an Apple Watch. Bartons Watch Bands Apple Watch Adapter is a great option for someone who wants to use an existing watchband with their Apple Watch. They are available in stainless steel or black color.

Buy Now [Amazon] – $11

Your Favorite Apple Watch Bands?

What are some of your all-time favorite Apple Watch bands? Share with us in the comments below.

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