The Best iPhone XR Cases

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 20 Oct 2018

iPhone XR

Pre-ordered the iPhone XR or plan on getting your hands on one on launch day? Well, you might as well buy a case for the iPhone XR thanks to its glass design. If not, a drop is going to be enough to lighten your wallet by a few hundred dollars.

While there are plenty of cases available for the iPhone XR, we have compiled a list of the best iPhone XR cases and skin just for you.

Spigen iPhone XR Cases

Let’s start the list with the best in business, Spigen. They have different kinds of cases to cater to different tastes of consumers.

Thin Fit 360

iPhone XR Spigen Thin Fit

The basic option from Spigen which provides a lightweight case for protection from scratches and minor drops. It has cutouts for ports and buttons and does not interfere with the wireless charging functionality of the device as well. If you don’t want a case to bulk up your iPhone XR and want an all-round protection, then this case is just for you. As a bonus, it also comes with a screen protector.

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Slim Armor

The Slim Armor is a dual-layered case which provides incredible protection without bulking up the phone too much unlike its tough armor sibling. The raised edges provide extra protection for camera and screen from fall. It has cutouts for ports and buttons and also sports a handy kickstand. Wireless charging is also supported. If you are among the people who can’t stop dropping their phones, then this case is for you.

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Slim Armor Crystal 

iPhone XR Spigen Slim Armor Crystal

The Slim Armor Crystal case has a transparent body, so if you don’t want your case to cover the beautiful design of your phone then this is for you. The case provides good protection against drops and scratches because of the shock absorbent structure. It has cutouts for ports and supports wireless charging.

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Neo Hybrid

iPhone XR Spigen neo Hybrid

The Neo Hybrid case is a durable case made with a two-piece structure which provides adequate protection against drops. The raised lips at the front ensure the display is also protected during a drop. The matte finish herringbone pattern at the back provides better grip and repels fingerprints and body oil as well.

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RhinoShield iPhone XR Cases

iPhone XR RhinoShield Bumper Case

RhinoShield’s Crashguard bumper case offers enough protection to the edges of the devices, with the raised lips ensuring the front and rear glass panels are also saved from any dings and cracks during a fall. The bumper increases the size of the phone by a bit but the protection it offers trumps everything. There is an option to customize the color of the rim as well.

If you prefer cases, then there is RhinoShield’s SolidSuit series where you can choose from a variety of finish like classic, leather, carbon, wood and microfiber.


Dbrand iPhone XR Skins

iPhone XR brnad Skin

If you don’t like cases or bumpers but still looking for some protection for your phone, then Dbrand skins are for you. Dbrand skins are made from 3M vinyl skins and are available in different finishes like camo, matrix, carbon fiber, dragon, stone. The skin protects the rear from scratches and provides better grip but that’s about it.  The skin comes out without leaving any residue or adhesive as well.


Ringke iPhone XR Cases

Apart from Spigen, there is Ringke which offers a variety of cases for the iPhone XR. You should check out their entire case lineup over at their official website, though we have listed what we consider to be their best cases below.

Ringke Air 

iPhone XR Ringke Air

The Ringke Air series of cases are incredibly light and thin and yet provide adequate protection against drops. The case has a see-through design and is made from TPU material for improved durability. You can also attach a strap to the case if you wish to with the Quikcatch strap cutout on the bottom right corner.

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Ringke Fusion

iPhone XR Ringke Fusion

The Fusion case is made from shock absorbent dual-layered TPU material. It is essentially an improved version of the Ringke Air with a bumper design and clear back for improved protection.

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OtterBox iPhone XR Cases

Another renowned case maker is OtterBox which is known for its high-quality cases.

Symmetry Series Case 

iPhone XR Otterbox Symmetry

The thin and beautifully designed Symmetry Series cases are for ones who look for style and protection. There are various designs available, check them out.

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Symmetry Leather Case

If you want a premium look and feel with top-notch protection, then you must check out the Symmetry Leather cases. They will make your phone bulky but at least add some style to it as well.

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Pad & Quill iPhone XR Cases

Pad & Quill is another brand you can look into. They provide different kinds of leather cases, though they are on the expensive side.

Bella Fino iPhone XR Wallet Case

iPhone XR Fino Wallet Case

The case is available in three different colors and offers more than an adequate amount of protection. The leather gives the case a premium look and feel, though it does add a notable amount of bulk to the device as well. The wallet case provides complete protection while also providing space for keeping cards and some cash.

Buy Now $79.95

Traveler Protective Case

The traveler protective case from Pad & Quill is made from high-quality rugged American leather. It adds an additional 2mm of thickness to your iPhone XR but makes up for it with its premium look and feel. Despite the added thickness, the case provides easy access to various ports and buttons. Plus, the leather comes with a 25-year warranty.

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Speck iPhone XR Cases

Speck offers more than 10 different types of cases for the iPhone XR. Its Presidio lineup itself comes in a variety of finishes including a clear case, a clear + glitter finish, and a V-grip for added protection.

Presidio Pro

Speck iPhone XR Case

The Presidio Pro slim case offers two layers of protection along with a claimed 10-foot drop protection. It also features slightly raised bezels at the front to protect the screen in case of a fall. It does not have cutouts for the physical buttons, though it does ensure that wireless charging is not affected in any way.

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Presidio Sport

iPhone XR Speck Presidio Case

The 3-layer case is available in a two-tone finish which gives it a very unique and catchy look. It even offers drop protection from up to 12-foot which is a testament to its solid build quality

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Dualtek Clear Case

iPhone XR PureGear DualTek Clear Case

The PureGear Dualtek Clear Case offers the best of both worlds: ample protection along with style. The case has been military standard test and comes with shock absorbing corners for added protection. The hybrid bumper design helps improve grip support while improving the overall level of protection as well.

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Dualtek Case

Dualtek iPhone XR

If you want even more protection, PureGear’s DualTek case should fulfill your requirement. The company claims the case offers the best extreme shock protection, with its reinforced edges helping absorb the majority of an impact due to a fall.

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What are some of your favorite cases for the iPhone XR? Drop a comment and let us know!