biteSMS 7.5 Update Brings Performance Improvements And Bug Fixes, Beta Adds Quick Compose Feature For Favorites

BY Jason

Published 30 Apr 2013

Delicious Inc has released a major update for biteSMS, a must-have jailbreak app for heavy SMS or iMessage users.

biteSMS 7.5 brings a number of performance improvements and bug fixes.

Here’s what’s new in biteSMS 7.5:

  •  Big performance increase when starting up biteSMS. It’s now 100% the same speed as the native Messages app.
  • Fixed all issues associated with old messages appearing in Quick Reply.
  • Fixed all issues associated with messages not always appearing in the biteSMS application.
  • Fixed all scheduling issues.
  • Fixed iMessage multi-media Apple bug.
  • Improved LockInfo compatibility.
  • QC and QR now display the Delivered or Read status of the last iMessage in the previous messages pull down.
  • Inside biteSMS you can now pull down the keyboard from the blue title bar when you’re typing a long message and cannot see the bubbles anymore.
  • Fixed up a bunch of crash reports and all known reported bugs.

In addition to the update, Delicious has also released a beta version of biteSMS 7.6, which brings a Quick Compose feature for your favorite contacts to the Notification Center.

Quck Compose Widget. Just a simple convenient way to launch a Quick Compose with a favorite contact (managed via Phone > Favorites). It’s a Notification Center Widget (managed via Apple > Settings > Notifications > Quick Compose Widget).

This will let you quickly send a text message to your favorite contacts from anywhere in iOS.

If you want to install the Quick Compose widget, add the repo to Cydia.


Delicious is also offering a 30% discount for the lifetime license until Sunday, so this is a great time to grab a copy of biteSMS. You can purchase and download the jailbreak app from Cydia by tapping on the download link below. 

➤ Download link (link only works on jailbroken iOS devices)