ByeHomeBottomBarX: Cydia Tweak Hides the Ugly Home Bar on iPhone X

BY Andy

Published 26 Mar 2018

Apple got rid of the Home button along with Touch ID in iPhone X and replaced it with a Home bar, to indicate in a subtle way to new users that they can swipe up on it to unlock the iPhone and several other gestures.

However, once you get used to it, it seems unnecessary. When I first heard of the jailbreak, one of the first things I could think of was hiding the Home bar.

Jailbreak tweak ByeHomeBottomBarX by CydiaGeek does exactly that. It allows you to hide the Home bar systemwide. You can continue to use the Home bar area to swipe to unlock the iPhone, to access the app switcher, quickly open the last used app from the Home screen, just that the Home bar is hidden.

Cydia Tweak - ByeHomeBottomBarX

The Cydia tweak also comes with a preference menu that offers three options:

  1. Completely hide the Home bar.
  2. Hide the Home bar only on the Lock screen and the Notification Center.
  3. Make the Home bar fade away.

byehomebottombarx - preferences


Cydia tweaks like ByeHomeBottomBarX are a great example why I love jailbreaking. Most people may not mind the Home bar, but jailbreaking gives users who don’t want it, the freedom to remove it.

Have you installed the Cydia tweak already? Let us know in the comments below.