ClassicSwitcher 3 updated for iOS 9, brings improved iOS 6 App Switcher to your iPhone

BY Ali Hassan Mahdi

Published 28 Jan 2016


ClassicSwitcher 3 is a well known jailbreak tweak that brings an improved iOS 6 App Switcher to latest versions of iOS. Until recently, the tweak supported iOS 8 devices however the developer rolled out a new update for the tweak that brings support for iOS 9. If you’ve never heard of the tweak before, it brings back the old look and feel of the iOS 6 App Switcher to latest versions of iOS as shown in the screenshot above. Instead of viewing the preview cards of active apps in the App Switcher, ClassicSwitcher replaces it with the iOS 6 style which features app icons only rather than preview cards.

Here’s a complete list of features that it offers:

– iPhone and iPad support
– Multiple rows
– Multiple overlay styles and opening animations
– Quit all apps functionality built in
– Swipe to close apps
– Landscape support
– Option for number of icons per row
– Media Controls
– Modern and Classic Modes
– Linen or Checked Pattern
– iOS 6 App Switch animation

Personally, I’ve never been a great fan of the new App Switcher that displays preview cards of running apps. I find ClassicSwitcher much better as you can get a quick overview of most of the running apps in a single page. Moreover, it extends the functionality of the classic App Switcher by allowing to close all apps at once, view more icons per row and much more.
If you’ve been waiting eagerly for this tweak to be updated then now’s the best time to head to Cydia and get your hands on it. Make sure to let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.