Facebook Adds More Features to Messenger as the Service Turns 10

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 25 Aug 2021

facebook messenger

Messenger has been one of the key services for Facebook. After separating the service into a standalone app, the company has been adding more and more features to the app. This month, Messenger turned 10 and on the occasion of its 10th birthday, Facebook has added a slew of new features to the app.

“This month, we’re thrilled to be celebrating Messenger’s 10th birthday with you. That’s 10 years of connecting more than 1 billion people around the world and helping people feel together even when apart. We’re grateful to everyone who’s joined us in creating 10 years of memories built from countless chat threads, late night video calls, sharing the latest meme GIFs and picking out the perfect emoji or sticker to capture the mood.”

First, the social networking giant is introducing a new category of the game called Poll Games. A new game called “Most likely to” in the poll will “help you discover what your friends really think about topics like who is “most likely to give gifts on their own birthday?”

Messenger users in the United States will also be able to receive cash gifts over Facebook Pay, thanks to a tighter integration into the service. New customized birthday-themed gift messages accompanied by virtual balloons will appear in Messenger whenever a friend sends you money through Facebook Pay using Messenger on your birthday.

Other features Facebook is introducing in Messenger are new Birthday Expression Tools, birthday-themed SoundMojis, and more. One more interesting feature that Messenger has gained is the iMessage-like text effects. You can now “pair” messages with an expression, say ‘Happy Birthday,’ and when you send a text with ‘Happy Birthday’ in it, it shows iMessage-like animation.

You can read more about other features Facebook introduced here.

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