Facebook Working on Apple Watch Competitor for Next Year

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 13 Feb 2021

Facebook logo

Facebook is reportedly working on a smartwatch with a focus on health and messaging to take on the Apple Watch. The smartwatch will also allow users to respond to their messages on WhatsApp, Messenger, and other Facebook-owned services like Instagram.

Facebook is also focusing on the health aspect of the wearable and plans to offer features like the ability to track workouts, communicate with trainers as well as offer integration with third-party services like Peloton and more. The smartwatch is said to be running a modified version of Android.

The report claims that Facebook plans on selling its smartwatch close to its production price so as to entice customers with an attractive price point. The company does something similar with its Oculus VR headset as well. There’s no word on pricing but the Facebook smartwatch could carry a price tag of anywhere between $200 to $400. The company also intends to launch the smartwatch with cellular connectivity built-in meaning it can work even when not actively paired with a smartphone.

The Facebook smartwatch will only make its debut next year and it is also already working on the second-generation of the smartwatch for 2023. The product is already deep in its development stage, though there’s a possibility that Facebook scraps the project at the last moment.

Our Take

Many privacy-conscious folks are not really happy with Facebook’s data collection practices and they are likely going to stay away from the company’s wearable as well. After all, they will not want Facebook to have access to their health data even if the company provides reassurance that all collected data will be randomized and stripped of all personal data.

Facebook could try to win over some consumers if it manages to undercut the pricing of the Apple Watch by a notable margin and offering some compelling health features, though this is something that remains to be seen.

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