GitHub Restores Chimera13 Repository Following DMCA Takedown After Unc0ver’s Complaint

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 5 Aug 2020

Odyssey Jailbreak

Last month, the Unc0ver team had filed a DMCA notice to takedown the GitHub repository of Chimera13 jailbreak which blamed developer CoolStar for stealing code. The latter was quick to file a counter DMCA notice as well. Now, after both sides submitted all their claims, GitHub seems to have reached a decision and restored the Github repository of Odyssey jailbreak.

GitHub generally does not reveal the detail of such cases so its unclear what exactly happened. However, this is definitely not a good look for the Unc0ver team which had accused CoolStar of stealing private source code and using it in their upcoming Odyssey jailbreak. You can find CoolStar’s reply to the takedown notice by Unc0ver to GitHub over here. In his reply, CoolStar accuses the Unc0ver team of “submitting a false DMCA claim,” abusing the entire process and committing perjury by doing so.

CoolStar had already released a public beta of their upcoming Odyssey jailbreak tool. With the GitHub repository reinstated, the team could get around to finally launching an official final public release of their tool.

There is quite a bit of history and drama between Coolstar and Unc0ver developer Pwn20wnd. The latter had first joined the Electra jailbreaking team of which Coolstar was a part. After a feud though, he left the team and started working on his own jailbreak tool. Since then, there has been a lot of back and forth between both developers.