Grayd00r hack brings iOS 9 look, improved performance to iPod touch 3G, original iPad

BY Killian Bell

Published 1 Feb 2016

Grayd00r hero

If you’re still clinging onto a really old iPod or iPad, you’re missing out on Apple’s latest iOS releases. But with a new hack called Grayd00r, you can install an iOS 9-like user interface on your iPod touch 3G or original iPad, and greatly improve performance at the same time.

Grayd00r was created by the same team behind Whited00r, a similar hack that brought iOS 7’s look and feel to the first- and second-generation iPhones and iPod touches. It’s easy to install, and it doesn’t just look good; it’s also packed with features.

That includes a SlideOver app switcher for iPad, a Control Center, over-the-air software updates, Cydia, and an “App Time Machine,” which lets you find and install older versions of popular iOS apps that run better on older hardware. It’s also a lot faster.

“Grayd00r is configured a mix of speed and features by default, being faster than stock iOS by default,” the hack’s website explains. “Many system services have been disabled to improve performances. However, we provide users with options to even further speed up the experience if they wish, by disabling even more features they may not ever use.”

Installing Grayd00r is incredibly simple. You start by restoring your device, then you run the Grayd00r app on your Mac or PC, and that takes care of the rest. Check out the installation video below for step-by-step instructions.

You’ll find more information about this hack and all the downloads you’ll need on the Grayd00r website. Before installing, note that this hack is new, and could contain bugs that haven’t been ironed out yet. You can be sure it will improve over time, though.

If you install Grayd00r on your iPad or iPod touch, let us know how it works out for you in the comments section below.