How to make and set Facebook profile video on your iPhone

BY Osas Obaizamomwan

Published 4 Nov 2015

Facebook Profile video demo

Years after its debut, Facebook is still the biggest social media platform in the world. But how does an old site stay on top with stiff competition from Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram? It does this by consistently adding new features, like video profiles

Similar to any social media or profile-oriented site, your profile image is the thing everyone will see when they search for your name. Since your Facebook profile can be seen by all your friends or the entire world (based on your privacy settings), getting the right image can be a pretty big deal. So, what could be better than a single, static image — a video. I am going to show you how to create your own, uniquely awesome Facebook profile video. Note: Facebook started rolling out the feature at the the end of September, so it may not be available to everyone.

How to make and set Facebook profile videos

Step 1.

Find the Facebook app on your iOS device and tap it to open. Once the app is open, head over to the More section in the bottom right corner.

More - Facebook

Step 2. 

In the More section (More will be highlighted blue) tap on your Profile Name. On the next screen you will see your profile image in the center on the screen. If your account has profile videos available, you will notice the camera icon on the bottom-right corner of your profile image will switch between the camera icon and video icon.

More - Profile - Video

Step 3.

Tap on your image to bring up the pop-up menu. From that menu, select “Take a New Profile Video” or “Upload Video or Photo” if you already have a video you like saved to your Photos app.

New Profile Video

Since I do not have any videos I went ahead and chose the, “Take a New Profile Video.” If you haven’t already, you will need to allow Facebook access to your camera.

Camera - Facebook

Step 4. 

Take a cool video that you would be proud to show to all of your Facebook peeps. You can record up to 7 seconds for your profile video. Once you have taken the video, hit Next and you’ll need to select a thumbnail from the video. Use the slider to select a point in the video to use as the thumbnail that will appear when your profile video is unavailable.

Thumbnail - Facebook

When you have found a spot in the video that you’d like to use for your thumbnail, leave the square there and hit Save in the top. Your selected thumbnail picture will appear up in Facebook’s news feed. People will only be able to see your profile video if they land on your profile page on either the mobile or desktop versions of Facebook.

Step 5.

Now that your video is saved and your thumbnail is chosen, you’re all set. You can view and watch your new profile video by tapping on your profile icon on your Facebook page.

Final Facebook Video

The new profile videos add a nice new touch to the standard Facebook page. If you are a Facebook users, the Facebook Video profile is definitely the way to go.

Do you have the Profile videos feature in Facebook? Let us know what you think of the new Facebook Profile videos in the comment section.