How to send feedback and report bugs for iOS 9 beta

BY Osas Obaizamomwan

Published 16 Jul 2015

Apple, for the first time ever has made its iOS beta open to the public. While a lot of folks simply want access to see what iOS 9 looks like, Apple wants its Public Preview members to send as much feedback and bug reporting as possible. The more people who have access to the iOS 9 betas, the more bugs can be reported and fixed. At least that’s the hope. Let’s see just how we can report our findings directly to Apple.

How to send feedback and report bugs for iOS 9 beta 

For those who haven’t downloaded iOS 9, joining the Public Preview Program is super easy, and installing the beta is decently straightforward as well. Once you have iOS 9 installed on your device you will notice a few new applications. Among the new apps will be Feedback Assistant.

Feedback Assistant - iOS 9

Anytime you run into an issue or notice a bug, it’s suggested that you report your findings to Apple using the Feedback Assistant. If you can take a screenshot of the bug or visual issue, that’s even better. Apple can use your screenshots to get a more informed grasp of what you’re trying to describe.

To report a bug, open Feedback on your iOS device. If it is the first time you are using the app, you will need to enter your Apple ID and password.

Feedback Assitant - Sign-in

The app will look pretty similar to your Mail application, and you can either tap the compose icon or select “New Feedback” to report bugs.

New Feedback - Compose

In the New Feedback home, there will be numerous sections that you will need to fill out so that Apple can learn as much as possible about the bug you are trying to report. You’ll need to describe the issue, identify the type of bug, provide how often it occurs, and so on.

New Feedback - iOS 9

Finally, you can attach any screenshots you may have taken to your feedback report at the bottom of the form. Tap “Add image or video” and add your supportive evidence.

Add Image - Feeback Assitant

Once you have filled out all the necessary information tap Submit and your feedback will be sent. The few minutes you dedicate to sending bug reports could really help improve iOS 9 when it is released tot he public this fall. If you plan on updating to iOS 9, the more bugs you report, the better chance they won’t appear on your own iOS 9 device this fall.

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