How to Seamlessly Switch Cellular Calls Between iPhone, iPad and Mac

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 2 Feb 2018

iOS 12. Seamlessly Switch Cellular Calls Featured

Starting with iOS 11.2 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.2, Apple quietly rolled out a feature that lets you seamlessly switch an ongoing call from one Apple device to another. And this work between iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. So next time you’re on a call on your iPhone, you get home and you want to switch the call to your iPad or Mac, use this handy little switch.

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What Do Need To Make This Work

The technology for seamlessly switching between your devices is built on Apple’s Handoff and Continuity features. To make it work on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to be running watchOS 4.2 and higher. You’ll need to enable Handoff for Apple Watch as well.

Enable Handoff on iPhone: On your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Handoff and turn on the Handoff feature.

Enable Handoff for Apple Watch: Open the Watch app on your iPhone, go to General and then enable Handoff.

Check Your Network: For this feature to work, you need to enable Bluetooth on all device and you need to make sure that all devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Check Mac Settings: For this to work on the Mac, open the FaceTime app and from settings make sure that Calls from iPhone setting is checked. The same goes for your iPad.

How to Switch Calls

On your iPhone, accept the call as you normally do. If other devices are nearby, you’ll see the “Audio” button appear instead of the usual “Speaker” button. This is Apple’s way of saying that there are other audio outputs you can try for this call.

IOS 11.2 Switch Cellular Calls

Tap on the Audio button and you’ll see a list of available device nearby. If your iPad and Mac are nearby and active, you’ll find them on the list. Just tap on one from the list and the call will switch to the relevant device instantly!

To switch back to the iPhone, tap on the Audio button and select iPhone from the list.

How to Transfer Call from Apple Watch to iPhone

Ever pick up a call on your Apple Watch only to regret it 5 seconds later because you can’t hear anything? Now, there’s a simple way to switch the call back to iPhone without having to call the person back again.

iPhone X Switch to Call

Leave your Apple Watch and bring out your iPhone. On the top, you’ll see the green indicator that tells you that you’re on a call (on the iPhone X it appears on the left notch). Tap on it and instantly the call will switch back to the iPhone. On the Apple Watch, you’ll see the Handed Off alert.

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How Often Do You Make Calls?

Do you use your iPhone as a phone often? Is it an integral part of your work life? Share with us in the comments below.