Image Shows Facebook’s Upcoming Smartwatch Could Feature a Notched Display

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 29 Oct 2021

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Facebook is working on a smartwatch with a rounded display and a notch housing a camera. A photo of the wearable was discovered in one of Facebook’s iOS apps that let you control the smart glasses it has launched in partnership with Ray-Ban.

Reports of Facebook, now known as Meta, working on a smartwatch first emerged earlier this year. As per today’s report, the Facebook smartwatch will feature a detachable wrist strap and seemingly a button at the top of the case.

The inclusion of a camera means the wearable could be used for video calling purposes as well. This will also set Facebook’s offering apart from other wearables in the market, as none of them have a built-in camera. The camera could also quickly take photos and videos and share them on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram.

Facebook Watch

The company reportedly intends to launch the smartwatch with cellular connectivity built-in, meaning it can work even when not actively paired with a smartphone.

Facebook plans to launch its first smartwatch in 2022, but a final decision on this matter is still pending, and the timing could change. Nonetheless, Facebook is already working on three generations of the smartwatch due to release at different times.

While not mentioned, the Facebook Watch could run a modified version of Android. It will be interesting to see how Facebook makes its wearable different from other offerings in the market, especially since it will be a relatively late entrant to the market.

[Via Bloomberg]