iOS 13.6.1 vs iOS 13.6 Speed Test

BY Jason

Published 13 Aug 2020

iOS 13.6 What's New

Apple yesterday released the iOS 13.6.1 update for all compatible iPhones. This is a minor release from Apple that fixes some underlying bugs with the OS.  But does it bring any performance improvements?

iOS 13.6.1 is likely the last release of iOS 13 from Apple and many users might decide to stick to it for a while before upgrading to iOS 14 later this fall. In terms of performance, iOS 13.6.1 brings about a slight jump in benchmark scores when compared to iOS 13.6, though the improvement is so minor that it is unlikely to translate into any real-world issue. YouTuber iAppleBytes conducted the speed test across a bunch of iPhones including the iPhone SE, iPhone 7, and iPhone XR and the results were the same.

Ever since the iOS 11 and battery management fiasco, Apple has ensured that all iOS releases perform the same across iPhones despite multiple updates and it is good to see the company continue the same trend with iOS 13. Even iOS 14 in its current beta stage does not seem to have any performance impact on older iPhones despite bringing a number of new features to the table.

Battery life of iPhones have taken a hit with recent iOS 13 releases though so it will be interesting to see if Apple has made any improvements in this department with the iOS 13.6.1 update or not.

Have you noticed any impact on battery life or performance with the iOS 13.6.1 update on your iPhone? Drop a comment and let us know!