iPad mini 5 Review Roundup: The Best ‘Mini’ Tablet Around

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 21 Mar 2019

The first set of iPad mini reviews are out and they praise the mini iPad for its improved performance and the form factor. For a tablet of its size, the iPad mini has no competition. While the markets for such small tablets might be small, Apple essentially dominates it with the iPad mini 5 as no other tablet comes close to it in terms of experience.

It is the small form factor of the iPad mini that has made people love it. The last iPad mini refresh was back in 2015 so this update was a long time coming.

The Verge

The publication rightly sums it up by saying that the only reason to buy the iPad mini is its size.

With the new iPad mini, you get basically the entire feature set of the new iPad Air in a smaller package with more and better tablet app support than anything else on the market. If you are the sort of person who wants a powerful small tablet, the new iPad mini is the best choice, full stop. It’s basically the only choice.

As for the lack of USB-C connectivity on the iPad mini, Apple has a reason behind that. It believes USB-C is a pro feature.

Apple told me that they think of USB-C as a pro feature, and that it was really important to maintain compatibility with the existing ecosystem of iPad mini accessories and workflows, so the company stuck with Lightning.

As for the 1st gen Apple Pencil support, it works as intended but that does not change the fact that it is ridiculous to charge and its cap is easy to lose.

The Pencil itself works just like the first-gen Apple Pencil on any other iPad: it’s fast and responsive, works great across apps that support it, and generally makes the iPad feel like much more than just a consumption device, even if you don’t use it a ton.

The new Retina Display might not have ProMotion but it is pretty good as well.

Apart from adding Pencil support, the display is very nice, in the way that Apple LCDs are always very nice. It has wide color support, a respectable 500 nits of brightness, and it’s laminated, unlike the cheapest iPad, so it looks like you’re touching the pixels.

Overall, if you are in the market for a new small tablet, the iPad mini 5 is your only choice.



TechCrunch’s review of the iPad mini 5 is equally positive. I think this line from the review perfectly sums everything up about the iPad mini.

The iPad mini is super enjoyable to use and is the best size tablet for everything but traditional laptop work. It’s very good and I’m glad Apple  updated it.

Unlike other iPads, the iPad mini 5 is not a laptop replacement. It sits right in between an iPhone and a full-blown tablet.

Though still just as pricey (in comparison) as it was when it was introduced, the iPad mini remains a standout device. It’s small, sleek, now incredibly fast and well provisioned with storage. The smallness is a real advantage in my opinion. It allows the mini to exist as it does without having to take part in the ‘iPad as a replacement for laptops’ debate. It is very clearly not that, while at the same time still feeling more multipurpose and useful than ever.



If you already had an iPad mini 4 and thought you could upgrade to the iPad mini 5 and use your existing cases, you are going to be disappointed. Some minor design changes mean that some iPad mini 4 cases won’t fit the iPad mini 5.

The noteworthy physical differences between the last Mini and this one are the placement of the microphone on the back and the size of the volume buttons on the side. This matters because of backwards compatibility: Some old iPad Mini cases won’t suit this new one.

The new display is as good as the display of any other iPad — and that’s a really high benchmark.

It’s brighter and supports a wider color gamut, and it has Apple’s True Tone technology, which automatically shifts the display tone to match the environment around you. Photos and videos looked stellar on the iPad Mini, although to be honest, they didn’t look bad on earlier ‘pads either. While the front-facing still camera on this iPad has also gotten a minor bump, the Mini’s cameras only capture HD video.

While the reviewer did not like the size of the iPad mini, he agrees that it is the best tablet for people looking for a small tablet and who adore its size.


All these reviews make it quite clear that the updated iPad mini is for customers who want a small and portable tablet that they can carry anywhere. One which can easily fit in their coat’s pocket, one which is small enough to not grab attention.

What are your thoughts on the iPad mini 5? Will you buy one just because you adore its size?