First iPhone 13 Jailbreak Tool for iOS 15 – iOS 15.1.1 Previewed by Odyssey Team

BY Sriansh

Published 19 Jul 2022

iOS 15 Jailbreak Preview by Cheyote

Odyssey, the team behind the popular iOS 14 jailbreak tool, has teased a new jailbreak tool called “Cheyote” that will work on devices running iOS 15- iOS 15.1.1. Once the Cheyote jailbreak tool is released, it will become the first publicly available jailbreak tool to support the iPhone 13 lineup.

The Odyssey team confirmed on Reddit that the development of the tool is “making good progress,” and it will be released “in the near future.”

According to the Odyssey, the Cheyote jailbreak tool will work with only iOS 15-iOS 15.1.1 devices initially. The group says that it will continue to work on the tool, with support for up to iOS 15.4.1 in the works, though it could take a bit longer to arrive. The team says that Apple has made it a lot harder to jailbreak the new versions of iOS, and this is the reason why the Cheyote tool will support only iOS and iPadOS 15.0-15.1.1 initially. 

According to the Odyssey team, Cheyote jailbreak tool for iOS 15 will come with the following features:

  • Enabling and disabling jailbreak tweaks
  • Restoring the system from the jailbroken state to stock
  • Setting the nonce
  • Enabling or disabling the log window
  • Going to recovery
  • Choosing between different preset themes
  • Selecting up to two different custom colors for the interface gradient
  • Support for OTA updates

The Odyssey team also confirmed some additional aspects of their jailbreak tool to iDownloadBlog. The jailbreak will be rootless, meaning users will not have access to OS (or root) volume. This is because Odyssey is working to transition the jailbreak community from the standard jailbreak to a rootless jailbreak. Additionally, the app’s user interface source code will be open-sourced two weeks after launch. Other remaining components of the jailbreak will be open-sourced down the road.

While Cheyote will be the first jailbreak tool for iPhone 13, the release of iOS 16 is on the horizon, which makes it less exciting. Are you excited about Odyssey’s new jailbreak tool? Let us know in the comments section below!