How to check your upgrade eligibility with your carrier before buying an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

BY Jason

Published 9 Sep 2014

iphone 6 featured

If you’re on a two-year contract with your carrier and intend to purchase the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus, it might be a good idea to check your upgrade eligibility to determine the price you’ll have to pay for the device.

In this post, we tell you how to find out your upgrade eligibility status for Sprint, AT&T and Verizon.


AT&T subscribers can either make a phone call or check their eligibility online.

  • Online: Log in to myAT&T using your PC or tablet. From the Overview page, go to the “I want to” drop-down list and select “Manage my plan & services.” Then select Check upgrade eligibility.
  • Phone call: Dial  *639# (*NEW#) from your phone, and you’ll get an SMS from AT&T with details about your upgrade eligibility.


Just like AT&T, Verizon subscribers can also find their upgrade eligibility online or via a phone call.

  • Online: Login to your Verizon Wireless account. Your upgrade eligibility date is listed on the Upgrade Your Device page in My Verizon. You’ll see a list of the mobile numbers on your account, and the upgrade eligibility date will be listed below each mobile number.
  • Phone: From your phone, dial #874 and you should get a text with your upgrade eligibility status.


Sprint subscribers can find their upgrade eligibility status in three ways: customer service, text message and online

  • Online: Go directly to the Upgrade Eligibility Site located here. Log into My Sprint and visit the My Account tab. Locate the “Upgrade phone” link in the “I want to” section next to the phone you are looking to upgrade.
  • Text: Just text “upgrade” to 1311 to get back information about your eligibility.
  • Phone: Call into Customer Care by pressing *2 on your handset and then press 1. Enter your phone number and press 1 to check upgrade eligibility.


Apple also offers iPhone upgrade eligibility check, but you’ll need to enter the last four of the primary account holder’s SSN.