iPhone 6 sapphire display undergoes another torture test, this time with sandpaper and an arrow fired by Joe Rogan

BY Evan Selleck

Published 19 Jul 2014

iPhone 6 panel

It’s becoming a regular practice to put the unannounced, and still unofficial, iPhone 6 sapphire display in a series of torture tests. By now, we’ve seen the front panel of Apple’s rumored next iPhone survive the slices and jabs of a knife and keys, even a car tire, but the tests introduced in a new series of videos certainly earns points for creativity.

While not necessarily scientific, these types of torture tests are a ton of fun to watch, especially for anyone who loves to see just how much any piece of equipment can take when it comes to physical abuse. While watching knives, nails, keys, change, and other hard items get scraped against the sapphire display is one thing, we live in an era where the majority of our smartphone displays will survive those kinds of tests every single day of the week. Corning Gorilla Glass is well known for being quite durable — but what we’re expecting from Apple’s rumored sapphire glass display is something else entirely.

image Mohs Scale

That’s why Marques Brownlee, who posted a YouTube video earlier in July exposing the rumored iPhone 6 sapphire display to a series of his own torture tests, decided to change things up a bit. Citing the Mohs Scale as his inspiration for the new test, Brownlee equips two different varieties of sandpaper to try out. The results? The sandpaper certainly scratched the front panel, and yet didn’t scratch the Home button on the iPhone 5s nearly as much. You can check out that particular video just below:

The second video in this series of new torture tests for the unconfirmed iPhone 6 sapphire glass panel, features a very unique torture test. This time, the collaborative efforts from Unbox Therapy called in an extra pair of hands for the test, and also summoned a high-powered bow to fire an arrow at the display. Thanks to quite a few cameras in use, with the addition of high-speed cameras as well, the video is quite impressive, especially when we get to watch the arrow slam into the display. Seeing what the arrow does to a dummy iPhone 6, though, is also pretty impressive.

image Joe Rogan

You can see that video below:

We’re probably going to see several more torture tests for the iPhone 6’s sapphire crystal display, especially as the leaks continue to happen all over the world. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to tell what type of display Apple finally decides on until they officially announce the new device. While it helps that some experts are certain Apple will use the durable panel, anything is possible at this point.

Do you think Apple will use a sapphire glass panel for the next iPhone?