iPhone 6 infographic shows a nice visual rumors roundup [Updated]

BY Evan Selleck

Published 18 Jul 2014

iPhone 6 Render

Building an imaginary phone from unconfirmed reports, no matter how many times they get repeated, is all anyone can do leading up to a device’s launch. For fans of the iPhone, imagining that upcoming handset can help the time go by. If that’s the case, then this new visual roundup should help quite a bit.

The iPhone 6 rumor infographic was put together by French publication Nowhereelse, and published on July 18. With the visual roundup, the site has compiled a list of the most talked about rumors, including the most leaked bits, and essentially put together the iPhone 6 in quite a different way. This isn’t just another mockup or render like we’ve seen so many times before, but a disassembled render that highlights some of the most talked about upcoming features.

Nowhereelse was able to piece the roundup together by reaching out to folks across the ‘net, including Sebastien Page and Christian Zibreg of iDownloadblog, plus others, to score the individual likelihood of these hardware elements or features appearing in the final design from Apple. For instance, the 4.7-inch display in the iPhone 6 is scored to have a 100 percent probability that it will come to fruition later this year. While, a feature like Dynamic Haptic Feedback (which Apple is tipped to include in future devices) only has a 25% score.

image iPhone 6 roundup

The visual rumor roundup includes over 10 different rumors or leaks, scoring the likelihood of each one. Essentially, it looks like the iPhone 6 could certainly be a powerful device when it lands on shelves later this year. But, whether we see just the 4.7-inch variant, or also get the 5.5-inch iPhone Air is still up in the air.

What is one feature you’re looking forward to most in the iPhone 6?

Update: A new YouTube video has been created to showcase the visual rumor roundup that was originally published by Nowhereelse, and giving it a nice animated approach, with each unique feature visually represented in detail. You can check out the new video, which was produced by Steve Hemmerstoffer, below:

[via Nowhereelse.fr]