iPhone 6s Survives a Fall from the Plane, Camera Records Everything

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 15 Dec 2020

Over the past several years, the iPhone has shaped up as a premium offering. It has a premium look and feel to it despite the minimalistic design. That said, iPhones are not exactly known for their ruggedness. A Brazilian filmmaker dropped his iPhone 6s from 300 meters and surprisingly it lived to tell the tale.

Brazilian filmmaker, Ernesto Galiotto dropped his iPhone 6 out of a plane from a height of 300 meters. The next day he was surprised to find that his iPhone 6 has survived the fall. Not only that it only had damages on the screen protector while the rest of the device was intact.

The iPhone 6 fell from the plane as the filmmaker was shooting a video. Interestingly, the device continued to record video during the fall. That said, the video is not clear and is mostly a blur until the iPhone hits the ground. Previously, the iPhone has survived a fall from a plane. It has also survived days submerged in lake beds.

I had faith that I would recover it. I thought, ‘If it didn’t fall in the water, we’ll find it. For a few meters I could have hit a person — and, at that height I was flying, 2,000 feet, it was going to be a tragedy, can you imagine? But it wasn’t a tragedy, it had many emotions.

The filmmaker took the help of Find My App and found the iPhone 6s was still working. The iPhone slipped and fell while he was recording a video. As far as protection is concerned, the owner was using a screen protector and regular silicone case on his iPhone.

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