The Best Accessories for iPhone XR in 2020

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 27 Oct 2018

Best Accessories for iPhone XR Featured

Your iPhone XR, on its own, feels incomplete. Sure you’ve learned the ropes of the new gesture-based system, you’re loving the new Face ID system and you’ve even loaded up on the best apps for iPhone XR. But something is missing.

It can be an awesome clear case, a crash-proof bumper, a wireless charging setup, or a fast charging setup. Or a simple Beats earphones color co-ordinated with your iPhone XR. Your new iPhone is looking for a new best friend. Luckily we’ve got a list of some of the best candidates. Check out our list of the best accessories for your new iPhone XR.

The Best Accessories for iPhone XR

1. Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

iPhone XR Best Accessories 5

The liquid Crystal Case is designed to showcase the magnificent beauty of new iPhone XR colors. The main feature of the case is its slim frame which does not add any bulk to the device and the crystal clarity of the case is the main feature of displaying the original look of the phone.

The slim protection of the case makes it pocket and grip-friendly. The case keeps your phone free from the watermarks and has an innovative air cushion technology. The case has a built-in camera guard and is easy to hold. The case also supports the wireless charging of the phone and the precise cutouts provide easy access to every feature on the device.

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2. Spigen Tough Armor Case

iPhone XR Best Accessories 4

The most important tool to keep your new iPhone XR safe is the Spigen Tough Armor Case. The compatibility of the case with the iPhone XR is noteworthy. The most important features are extreme drop protection with two layers of impact resistance. The tough armor case has ergonomic daily grip and pocket-friendliness.

The case keeps you protected from each and every fall and keeps your phone free from the cost of faulty insurance provided by the companies. What makes this tough armor case more interesting is the Air Cushion Technology which enables it to support wireless charging thus you don’t have to remove the case while charging your iPhone.

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3. RhinoShield

iPhone XR Best Accessories 7

RhinoShield is the last name in crash protection bumpers. Get a CrashGuard NX bumper and be rest assured that no matter what kind of fall your iPhone takes, the glass back and front will probably be safe. That’s because the bumper is intelligently designed to absorb all shocks. It covers sides, yes, but it extends a lip across the front and the back as well. So your iPhone never actually touches the ground.

The case comes in bright colors like Yellow and Blue to go with your iPhone XR.

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We have outlined a huge selection of cases for iPhone XR in our previous post.

4. Mophie Charge Stream Pad+

iPhone XR Best Accessories 3

Mophie Charge Steam Pad+ is of the best accessory out there for all Apple devices as it provides up to 10 Watts of power for fast charging your iPhone XR.

The rubberized pad holds the smartphone securely in place while charging and the cable and wall adapter gives you an optimum way of charging your phone. This pad uses state of the art Qi technology. You just have to put your iPhone XR on the pad and charging will begin immediately. The pad is compatible with all Apple smartphones and can charge through lightweight cases up to 3mm thick.

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5. Anker PowerPort 2 Fast Charging Adapter

Best iPhone XS Accessories 3

This is the ultra High speed two Port USB charger. The power port charges up to 80% of battery in 35 minutes with the compatible devices. You get 30W fast charging in a safe package. And unlike Apple’s option, Anker’s adapter costs only $30.

What makes it more user-friendly is its ability to provide surge protection, temperature control and other advanced safety features with the help of safe and advanced technology. The plug is foldable and is compact in its size and has international compatibility (100-240V) which makes it ideal for travelers.

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6. PALOVUE Earflow In-Ear Lightning Headphone

If you are using an iPhone XR, then you can’t go wrong with the PALOVUE headphone. It’s one of the best budget earphones out there.

The frequency of the headphone is between 20Hz- 20KHz. The headphones come with various color options and with a cord length of 0.8 m which is ideal for all the smartphones and is compatible with all Apple products.

The control box allows you to change the volume, skip music tracks and allows you to communicate with Siri. The cable is made up of the material that doesn’t get tangled easily and the earbuds are magnetic allows you to enjoy the best musical experience without worries.

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7. Anker PowerCore 26800 mAh

iPhone XR Best Accessories 2

The power bank weighs as little as an iPhone and charges iPhones of double it’s size. The power bank has PowerIQ and Voltage boost technology and it delivers the fastest possible charge.

The power bank charges within just 6 hours and provides enough power to simultaneously charge three devices at a time! The power bank has features of a surge and short circuit protection. The power bank comes with a customer satisfactory 18-month warranty with easy to reach support.

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8. urBeats 3 Lightning Earphones

iPhone XR Best Accessories 1

If you’ve got an iPhone XR with an awesome Coral or Yellow color, you’ll want a pair of earphones that match. Don’t worry, Apple is at your service. This new line of urBeats 3 Lightning earphones come in 5 colors. Colors that complement the shades of the iPhone XR.

The earphone has an optimum fit and variety of options given for comfort and noise isolation. The earphones take calls with built-in mic and it controls your favorite music and also helps in activating Siri with a push of a button. Plus, the earphones themselves can snap magnetically so you can safely store them when not in use.

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9. iOttie Easy One Touch 4


iOttie Easy One Touch 4

The iOttie Easy Touch is a smartphone holder for dashboard and windshield surfaces which enhances your driving experience. The phone mount features allow you to use a simple hand motion for removing it while it is mounted.

Adjustable telescopic arm in this device offers you increased range, strength, and stability for your phone. It is universal and compatible with all car models.

The iOttie’s super strong cup installs on smooth or other surfaces and helps you in your viewing experience. The car mount is compatible with smartphones and cases with 3.5 inches in width, and will comfortably accommodate your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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10. AirPods

AirPods and AirPods Pro are the best new accessory for the new iPhone XR. It’s one of the best products Apple has released in the last couple of years. Yes, at $159, they’re not cheap. But they’re well worth the price. If you want active noise cancellation, then you can opt for the AirPods Pro.

AirPods are completely wireless EarPods and they work great with the iPhone. Just remove them from the case, put them in your ears, here the little ting sound and boom, they’re connected. There’s no need to pair and unpair the Bluetooth connection constantly. After using AirPods, you’ll wonder how you could use Bluetooth headphones for all these years.

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11. PopSockets


iPhone XR is huge. It’s almost as big as the iPhone XS Max. If you’re coming from an iPhone 8, getting used to the size can be a problem. There’s a simple way to avoid slip-ups and accidental falls. Get a PopSocket. You can get an adhesive PopSocket in a variety of colors and patterns for around $10.

Stick it and just push it to reveal a collapsable grip. You can wrap your fingers around it to comfortably hold the iPhone XR. The PopSockets can also be used as a stand.

Buy Now [Amazon] ($12.99)

12. Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 4 Sports Band Pink Sand

This isn’t for everyone but if you’re loving the iPhone XR, you should consider buying the Apple Watch Series 5. It will exponentially increase your joy and productivity. Series 5 Apple Watch is finally stylish, has a big screen, and is filled with fitness tracking and notification features.

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Your Favorite iPhone XR Accessory

What is your favorite new accessory for the iPhone XR? Share with us in the comments below.

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This post was updated on April 9, 2020.