iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 Drop Test Showdown: Which Flagship Is Easier to Break?

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 30 Sep 2018

iPhone XS vs Galaxy Note 9 Drop Test

Apple claims that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max make use of the ‘most durable glass’ in a smartphone. We have already seen those claims put to test, with the iPhone XS Max faring far better than the iPhone X in a series of drop tests. However, how does the device compare to the Galaxy Note 9?

In the drop test conducted by YouTube PhoneBuff, both phones performed the same — poorly. This is despite the iPhone XS Max coming with what Apple claims the ‘most durable smartphone glass.’

The shattered glass panel on the iPhone XS Max did have fewer shatter points when compared to the Galaxy Note 9. In a side drop test, the chassis of both phones absorbed the impact of the drop very well, though they did show the impact from the drop. When dropped face down, the front glass on both devices cracked. However, just like the rear glass panel, the Note 9’s front panel had spider web cracks throughout its display, while the crack on the iPhone XS Max was limited to the original point of impact.

In the end, it looks like despite Apple’s claims of the iPhone XS Max coming with the most durable smartphone glass, it will still crack pretty easily when dropped from a notable height.

When compared to the Galaxy Note 9 though, the iPhone XS Max performed far better as the glass panels despite cracking survived the drops better. Phone Buff did crown the Galaxy Note 9 as the winner of the drop test though as in the last test where the devices were dropped repeatedly, the Note 9 was able to last 10 continuous drops vs 3 drops of the iPhone XS Max.

Have you dropped your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max yet? If yes, did the glass panels survive the impact? Or did they shatter easily? Drop a comment and let us know!