iPhone XS vs iPhone X Camera Comparison

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 24 Sep 2018

The iPhone XS offers relatively minor improvements over the iPhone X. It is only in the camera department that Apple has made some major improvements by switching to a larger camera sensor with a bigger pixel pitch. The company has also added computational photography called Smart HDR for improved details and dynamic range in photos.

Early reviews suggested that the iPhone XS camera was a major step up from the iPhone X. Now that the phone is out in the market, in-depth camera comparison of the iPhone XS and X have made their way to the internet.

Going through the camera samples in the videos below, its clear that the iPhone XS offers better dynamic range, contrast, and details than the iPhone X. This stands true even while capturing Portrait photos where the iPhone XS photos have more details, better dynamic range, and improved skin tone.

As the video samples in the comparison show, the addition of stereo sound on the iPhone XS makes a lot of difference as it ends up making the overall video viewing experience far more pleasurable.

In another comparison from Mrwhosetheboss, the iPhone XS front camera captures better videos than the iPhone X, though it is not as good as the Galaxy Note 9. Apple has also improved the Portrait mode for the selfie camera which seems to work much better on the iPhone XS when compared to the iPhone X.

The comparison also shows that the iPhone XS captures far better audio than not only the iPhone X but also the Galaxy Note 9. Thanks to Smart HDR, the iPhone XS does a far better job at exposing scenes with challenging dynamic range.

Overall, if the camera comparisons are anything to go by, Apple has made some major improvements to the iPhone XS camera thereby leading it to capture photos with more details and dynamic range across the board. If you are someone who clicks thousands of photos from your iPhone on a weekly basis, you might want to consider upgrading to the iPhone XS or the iPhone XS Max for that improved camera alone.