Jailbreak Tweak Griddy is now available for download in Cydia

BY Ali Hassan Mahdi

Published 22 Jan 2016


Just a few days ago, we covered an article about an upcoming jailbreak tweak called Griddy that brings a new way of interacting with the App Switcher. In fact, it appears to have been inspired by Gridswitcher tweak which is no longer supported on iOS 9. The good news is that Griddy has been released in Cydia and is now available for download.

The tweak displays the open apps as grids in the App Switcher which can be completely customized to look the way you want. With a pinch gesture, you can zoom in or zoom out of the grids to dynamically resize them on the go. Zooming out allows you to view more grids at once.

To close an app, you can either double tap on it, swipe up or down if the grid is horizontally laid out or swipe left or right if it is in vertical mode . Likewise, tapping and holding on an app displays a button to close all the running apps at once.


Griddy provides a bunch of customization options that can be accessed directly from the tweak’s preferences pane. The pane is neatly divided into different sections, each of which allow you to customize a certain aspect of the new App Switcher. The configuration options include:

  • Enable or disable Griddy via a kill switch toggle
  • Choose a horizontal or vertical grid layout in portrait or landscape mode
  • Change the default size of the grid
  • Enable or disable grid animations and adjust their speed
  • Customize the scale of the grid to make apps look smaller or bigger
  • Add or remove app icons from the grid and adjust their scaling size and position
  • Customize the blur intensity of the App Switcher background
  • Replace app preview cards with app icons or vice versa

More interestingly, all the changes take effect right away so you are not required to respring your iPhone unless it is needed.

With Griddy, you can have a better overview of the apps that are running in the background and quickly toggle through them with ease. The best feature of the tweak is the dynamic resizing of the grids with a pinch in or pinch out gesture. If you want to view more apps at once in the App Switcher, you can do a pinch out gesture to make the size of grids smaller. Similarly, a pinch in gesture will enlarge the grids and display a fewer number of apps.

Griddy looks like a promising tweak and its selling point is the smooth animations of the App Switcher. During my testing, it worked perfectly as advertised without causing any lags or issues.

If you’d like to get your hands on this tweak, Griddy is available for $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo and supports both iOS 8 and iOS 9 devices.

What do you think of Griddy? Do you find it better than Auxo and other App Switcher tweaks? Let us know in the comments section below.