Leaked iPad 5 schematics reveals iPad mini like-design

BY Jason

Published 30 Jun 2013

iPad-5-vs-iPad-4-vs-iPad-MiniLeaked schematics of the next generation iPad show that the device is about to undergo a major redesign. It could be a lot thinner and come with thinner bezels at the side when held in portrait mode. This matches previous rumors, which suggested that the full-sized iPad will feature an iPad-mini like design.

The schematics have been published by nowhereelse.fr, a french site that has previously posted accurate rumors about future Apple products. Nowhereelse says the source of these schematics is “undoubtedly proven to be reliable” in the past.


According to the schematics, the iPad 5 will be 178.5mm wide, 232mm long and 7.9mm thick. For comparison, the fourth gen iPad measures 185.7mm wide, 241.2mm long, and 9.4mm thick. Although there’s no mention of weight, we’re presuming that Apple’s working on reducing that too.

The iPad 5 will likely be launched somewhere in the September-October timeframe, and will most probably be accompanied with a new version of the iPad mini as well.

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