Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Mocks Apple’s AR/VR Headset in Latest Interview

BY Sanuj Bhatia

Published 8 Mar 2021

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Earlier this week, Kuo revealed Apple’s plan of introducing a $1000 mixed reality headset in mid-2022. Today, in an interview with The Information, Mark Zuckerberg has publically criticized Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset.

Hustle and bustle between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has doubled since the introduction of App Tracking Transparency with iOS 14. In his latest interview, Mark Zuckerberg took a dig at Apple criticizing the company’s upcoming mixed reality headset. Asked about building Facebook’s AR and VR products from the ground up, Mark claimed that it is difficult for the company to do so because of the reliance on operating systems built by Apple and Google.

He says that making a lineup of AR and VR products requires making custom silicon and a first-party operating system. But, the company has found it “a little bit constraining.”

“I’ve certainly found it a little bit constraining on mobile phones. You have these app stores that are pretty rigid in their rules. Certainly, there are things that I think would create better social experiences that we’re just simply not allowed to build. On desktop browsers, we have this whole gaming platform. We basically just weren’t allowed to bring that to mobile.”

Taking a dig at Apple, he said that Facebook’s main aim with AR and VR products is to offer them “at as low of a cost as possible in order to get them out to everyone.” Continuing his speech, Mark said that Facebook’s model is different from “other companies in the space that basically charge premium prices as their business model.”

“Unlike some of the other companies in the space that basically charge premium prices as their business model, one of our core principles is we want to serve everyone. I’m very focused not only on how you can create a good VR and AR device, but how do you make it so it’s $300 instead of $1,000.”

He also criticized Apple’s (apparent) approach of building a mixed reality headset with see-through technology. He said that people won’t like to live in a world of pass-through VR “because you’re not gonna want to give up the vividness of what your eyes can really see in terms of the contrast and brightness of the colors if everything is just slightly duller in VR.”

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