NotLiveText Jailbreak Tweak Brings iOS 15’s Live Text Feature to Jailbroken iPhones

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 13 Aug 2021

NotLiveText jailbreak tweak

One of the highlights of iOS 15 is the new Live Text feature that automatically recognizes text in photos across the system. A new jailbreak tweak dubbed NotLiveText brings the same functionality to your jailbroken iPhone running iOS 14.

NotLiveText replicates the Live Text feature in iOS 15 on your jailbroken iPhone, though it only works in the Photos app. Once installed and enabled, proceed to open any photo in the Photos app. Then, tap the NotLiveText button in the toolbar at the bottom to recognize text, paragraphs, and numbers in it.

The jailbreak tweak will automatically detect the extractable content in your photos, which you can then copy and share across apps and services. It can also recognize phone numbers in images using Machine Learning. Right now, NotLiveText is limited to only recognizing English text.

Admittedly, Apple’s Live Text implementation in iOS 15 is superior since it works across the OS and is not limited to the Photos app. Nonetheless, NotLiveText is a solid jailbreak tweak that brings a useful new feature to your jailbroken iPhone. It also shows how useful and powerful jailbreak tweaks can be.

Live Text in iOS 15 will only be available on iPhone XS and newer iPhones, so you can use the NotLiveText jailbreak tweak on your old iPhone to enjoy the same functionality. For $1,50, NotLiveText is money well spent on a useful jailbreak tweak. The tweak can be purchased from the Packix repo.

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