Repairing a Cracked iPhone XS Max Back Costs More Than a New iPhone 7 Plus

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 3 Oct 2018

iPhone XS Max Review

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are expensive — there’s no way one can deny that. With a starting price tag of $999 before tax, the iPhone XS series further solidifies the ultra-premium smartphone segment which Apple first created with the launch of the iPhone X last year. And as the norm usually is, the more expensive a product is, the more expensive it will be to repair. 

The same stands true for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, with some common repairs for the devices costing more than the $529 OnePlus 6!

For replacing a cracked display or for any kind of screen repair, Apple will charge iPhone XS owners $279, while owners of the bigger iPhone XS Max will have to shell out $329. Anything else and the repair price is even higher. So, if you want to get the cracked rear panel of your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max repaired, you will have to pay a staggering $549 or $599, respectively. For the same price, one can buy a brand new iPhone 7 Plus from Apple.

iPhone XS Repair Price

Remember that all the prices mentioned above are before taxes so depending on where you live, you will have to pay anywhere between $10-$20 more. Due to the high repair prices for the display and any other kind of damage, it is strongly recommended that you get AppleCare+ for your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. That will help bring down the display repair cost to only $29, with any other damage repair costing $99.

AppleCare+ has a lot of benefits including extending the warranty of your iPhone to two years and coverage against accidental damage, theft, and lost. The basic AppleCare+ plan without theft and loss protection costs $199 or $9.99/monthly for 2 years, while the Theft and Loss plan costs $299 or $14.99/monthly for 2 years.

If you have not already, you can still get AppleCare+ for your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. If you have butter fingers or are prone to dropping your phone every once in a while, I will strongly recommend you to get AppleCare+ for your shiny new iPhone.