RevealMenu: Jailbreak tweak brings 3D Touch-style Quick Actions to older iOS devices

BY Ali Hassan Mahdi

Published 16 Oct 2015


RevealMenu is a new iOS 9 jailbreak tweak that brings 3D Touch Quick Actions to older devices, which comes with a perk that makes it superior to other packages.

The tweak allows you to tap and hold on any app icon on the Home screen to view the 3D Touch-style menu, and what’s more interesting is that you can slide your finger to any of the menu options to invoke them without lifting your finger off the screen in one single gesture.

Normally, you can enter jiggle or edit mode by a short hold gesture on an app icon but since that is dedicated to the tweak’s 3D Touch functionality, you can instead swipe up an app icon, either when the menu is open or closed, to go into edit mode.

Once installed, RevealMenu doesn’t require any configuration. You can simply tap and hold on the app icons on the Home screen to invoke the 3D Touch-style menu.

One of the main features that many of the 3D Touch tweaks lack is haptic feedback. RevealMenu currently doesn’t provide it, but the developer has acknowledged that is should be available in future updates. Along with this, he is also planning to bring Peek & Pop functionality, which is one of the most popular feature of 3D Touch.

Check out the video walkthrough of the tweak to see it in action:

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If you’d like to experience 3D Touch on your older iOS device, you should consider checking out RevealMenu which is available as a free package on Cydia’s BigBoss repo and supports iOS 9 only. Let me know what you think of RevealMenu.