How to Share App Store Links for Your Favorite App With Friends Using 3D Touch on iOS 10

BY Khamosh Pathak

Published 25 Aug 2016

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I’m one of those people who you really can’t judge based on the apps I have installed. As this is kind of my job, I test and use a lot of different apps. And when my friends see me use a new hot app (offline or online), they instantly want me to send them the link to the app. iOS 10 is going to make this process much easier for me.

3D Touch App Icon To Share Link

You could, of course, do this before. Go to the App Store, search for the app, then share the link.

But if you have an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or the newer iPhones, this process just became much simpler.

To get started, 3D Touch the app’s icon (press deeper on the screen, till you get a vibration feedback) and from the list, select “Share“. iOS 10 has added this option by default for all third party apps.

share app links home screen ios 10 2

After you tap it, you’ll be presented with the all too familiar iOS share sheet.

From the bottom row, you can tap “Copy link” to copy the link and then paste it anywhere you want.

But if you want to share it in a WhatsApp conversation or share it as email, use the WhatsApp or Mail option from the top row (the apps you see here will depend on the ones you have enabled for sharing). Curiously, Messages is missing from this list.

I’ll use Messenger in this example.

share app links home screen ios 10 1

Once I tap on “Messenger”, I see rich preview of the app, with the icon and the name. And I can type a message if I want. Then I can select one or multiple conversations and tap “Send” to send it along. You can do the same for any app that supports sharing from share sheet.

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