How to share photos from your iPhone or iPad without location and other metadata

BY Jason

Published 3 Dec 2014

You likely click and share a lot of photos from your iPhone and iPad, but on many occasions, you do not want to share the photo metadata, the most important of which is the location the photo was taken. So here’s a simple way to quickly share photos without your GPS coordinates and other metadata.

Here’s how you do it (note that this requires a $1.99 In App Purchase):

  • Once downloaded, open the app, and select the photo you want to share after stripping its metadata.
  • Scroll to the bottom, and you’ll see a button that says “Remove Metadata for Privacy”. If you haven’t purchased the IAP, you’ll see a label at the top saying “Premium Feature”.

IMG_6692 12

  • Tap on the button. The app will present a new view asking you to purchase it for $1.99. Scroll down and tap on the “Unlock Everything for $1.99” button. You’ll have to enter your iTunes password and confirm the purchase.

IMG_6694 3

  • Once that is done, you’ll see that the “Remove Metadata” button no longer has the “Premium Feature” label. Just tap on it.
  • An alerts asks you to confirm your decision. Tap on Modify.


  • The metadata is now stripped from the photo, and you can share it to any social network by tapping on the share button at the top right.


  • Once you’ve shared, you can optionally restore the metadata by tapping on the “Restore Metadata” button.


Thanks to Matapho’s iOS 8 extension, you can share images without metadata from anywhere via the share sheet. So you can do it in the Messages, Mail, Photos apps etc. without the need of opening the Metapho app.

Download link:

Metapho – Free with $1.99 IAP