Sileo, the Cydia Replacement by Electra Team: Everything You Need to Know!

BY Andy

Published 17 Jul 2018

Sileo, the full Cydia replacement

Apple recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of the App Store. However, if it wasn’t for the jailbreakers who hacked the original iPhone in July 2007 who gave us a glimpse of the potential of the iPhone with the first third-party game, we may not have had the App Store.

While Cydia has been synonymous with iOS jailbreaking for a very long time, the first installer or package manager for jailbreak tweaks was aptly called which was installed by the first ever jailbreak tool called JailbreakMe 1.0 (also called AppSnapp).

Anyways coming back to the topic, we are here to talk about the future of jailbreaking and not the past. While Cydia has served jailbreakers well, it seems outdated, and more importantly, the lack of updates and maintenance from Jay Freeman aka saurik had become a major issue. Coolstar has done a commendable job of patching it to make it work first with iOS 11.1.2 – iOS 11 jailbreak and more recently with iOS 11.4 – iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak. But users have been facing quite a few problems with Cydia.

It was high time someone stepped up to take ownership of Cydia or replace it. The good news is the Electra team is doing just that. They have announced that they are working on a full Cydia replacement or package manager called Soleo, which will allow you to install jailbreak tweaks. If it works without having to deal with the errors then it would be a great start.

The App Store for jailbreak tweaks will also serve as a good incentive for the Electra team to work on future jailbreaks as it would enable them to generate revenue so it would be a win-win situation for the Electra team and jailbreakers.

Here are some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions, the full Cydia replacement by the Electra Jailbreak team:

  • Sileo will only support iOS 11 or later.
  • You will be able to transfer your paid packages from Cydia to Sileo.
  • Payments in Sileo will be handled by Packix/Chariz/Dynastic repos; except those repos will be using a standardized API to present package price, purchase status, and handle payments seamlessly.
  • Repos will be able to handle paid packages through Sileo.
  • All your old packages and setup will stay even if you switch to Sileo.

coolstar has also published a video to show how easy it is to authenticate and link your iOS device with Packix, Sileo.

The Electra Jailbreak team hasn’t provided a release date, but we’ll let you know as soon as it is released. We’ll also update this post if we get any further information about Sileo.

It is going to be sad to say goodbye to Cydia, but at the same time we’re excited and can’t wait to see how Sileo works. Let us know what you think about Sileo, the full Cydia replacement. Don’t forget to signup for our Daily Newsletter so you don’t miss the latest jailbreak news.