iPhone or iPad not charging? Try this simple tip for a solution

BY Jason

Published 7 Dec 2013


If you find that your iPhone isn’t charging with your Lightning cable anymore, try this simple tip for a solution.

According to reddit user bedell37, a little tinkering around the Lightning port with a toothpick should do the trick, and get your iPhone to charge again. He writes:

Was at dinner with a friend who works for Apple. Told him my charger wasn’t working, so he went to the front of the restaurant and got a toothpick. Started picking in the lightning charger input, picking out tons of lint. Like it had to be BURIED in there. He said phone gets lint built up in the pocket. Picked it out, and it’s good to go. Said they would probably have charged me at the Apple store, but it took all of 2 minutes.

I doubt an Apple Store would actually charge you for such a small thing, so if you have one near your house, you could go there if you don’t want to mess around with the device yourself.

Let us know in the comments below if you were facing such an issue with your iPhone, and if so, did this solve

[via Reddit]