Top 50 Free iOS 11.3.1 Cydia Tweaks For Electra Jailbreak

BY Andy

Published 1 Aug 2018

Top Free iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Tweaks on Cydia

It has been over a month since coolstar released Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11.3.1 – iOS 11.2. If you’re looking to make the most of the iOS 11.3.1 jailbreak then here are our top iOS 11.3.1 Cydia tweaks compiled by our good friend Cody (iTwe4kz).

Here is the list of the top free iOS 11.3.1 Cydia tweaks that have been featured in the video.

1. LiveRings

LiveRings tweak animates the Activity app icon on your Home screen so that it displays your actual activity in real-time.

2. Marina

The Marina tweak allows you to change the look and feel of the iPhone dock.

3. Creamy 2

Cream 2 jailbreak tweak lets you customize the Color of Control Center toggles like watchOS.

4. Ming – LS Widget

5. NoCCStatusXI

NoCCStatusXI removes the description text that shows up at the top in Control Center when you tap on the toggles.

6. LS Mune

7. SB Mune

8. AVLock

AVLock adds the rotation lock button in iOS 11’s video player interface, which makes it quite convenient.

9. AdaptiveColorPower

The tweak removes the green fill from Lock screen battery icon.

10. Folder – space on your folders

11. Universal Mute

Universal Mute tweak mutes the volume for the media when the ringer is muted.

12. Havenly 2

13. BlueMusic

14. FullFolderX –

15. TwitterCustomizer

The jailbreak tweak allows you to change the Color of any element of the Twitter app to customize its look.

16. SendDelay

Have you ever sent a message accidentally to the wrong person? If so, you should probably check out SendDelay. Just as the name implies, the tweak delays your message for a short period of time before sending it to your receipient.

17. HapticKeyboard

As the name suggests, HapticKeyboard adds haptic feedback to iPhone’s keyboard so get the feedback as you type.

18. MagicBadges

MagicBadges allows you to restyle the notification badges located on iOS app icons. Among the customization options included are the position of the badge relative to the icon, the color and size of the badge, and the font of the notification number.

19. Malipo

When you connect the iPhone to a power source to charge via the Lightning cable or via Wireless Charging, it plays a chime to confirm that the iPhone is connected and started charging. Malipo allows you to change the default chime sound.

20. LS Old School

21. Compatimark

Compatimark is a nifty jailbreak tweak for Cydia that shows whether jailbreak tweaks will work or not on your current firmware version. So it will save you the trouble of running into issues for installing incompatible jailbreak tweaks.

It displays either a blue or a gold shield for compatible tweaks, and nothing for incompatible tweaks.

22. SkinnySettings

SkinnySettings removes UI elements like the line separators from the Settings app to give it a more simplistic and uncluttered look and feel.

23. AnimationsBeFast –


The tweak closes the gap at the top of the Control Center UI.

25. ShieldXI

It allows you to lock apps for added security.

26. MorePowerOptions –

27. ccClearModulesBG

It makes the Control Center background clear.

28. TimeToUnlock

The jailbreak tweak allows you to use the current time as the passcode.

29. huePasscode

huePasscode allows you to apply colors to the passcode interface.

30. ModernXI

It gives a new look and feel to the lock screen Notifications.

31. CatchaThief

CatchaThief will take a photo when the wrong passcode is entered so if someone tries to access your device when you’re not looking then you can catch them red-handed.

32. YouPip –

It enables native picture-in-picture in the YouTube app, but you need to ensure you enable install these dependent jailbreak tweaks for it to work.
1. Dependency: plutil:
2. Dependency: Force In Picture –
3. Dependency: YouTube Tools

33. EQE – equalizer

EQE brings system-wide equalizer to jailbroken iPhone. It lets you adjust the volume of practically any app installed on your device.

34. Malipo Sound Pack 3

35. Melior –

Melior offers a new HUD experience.

36. Malipo Sound pack 2

37. volbrateXI

volbrateXI brings haptic feedback to the volume button.

38. Clean Clock

A clean clock widget for the Lock screen and the Home screen. It requires XenHTML and XenInfo

39. HapticPasscode

It brings haptic feedback to the passcode keypad, and also offers intensity options.

40. NoLowPowerAlert

It disables the low power alert on your jailbroken iPhone.

41. Dateundertimex

Thanks to the iPhone X notch, there isn’t much space available in the Status bar but as the name suggests, the jailbreak tweak adds the date below the time in the status bar.

42. PlaceHolder

43. SleepyTime –

It displays the time until the time for the alarm in the stock Clock app.

44. LS Bolt

45. ByeSeperatorsCell

46. CustomAlertX

CustomAlertX adds a new animation to notifications on the Lock screen.

47. Stygian

Stygian brings true dark mode to the YouTube app.

48. AsteriOS

49. SB Mune

50. SB EW13 –

51. XenInfo –

52. XenHTML –

53. NoLowPowerAutoLock –

54. LS EW11 –

The lock screen widget used in the video.

So that’s the list of our favorite iOS 11.3.1 Cydia tweaks for Electra Jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Tell us your favorite free Cydia tweaks in the comments.