The Top 15 Jailbreak Tweaks and Apps for iOS 10 – iOS 10.2

BY Ali Hassan Mahdi

Published 8 Feb 2017

Now that the Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10 – iOS 10.2 has been released, it’s time to install your favorite tweaks and hacks on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve come across great new jailbreak tweaks as well as some that received an update for iOS 10. To help you discover new tweaks and get the most out of your jailbreak, we’ve compiled a list of the top iOS 10 jailbreak tweaks and apps that are worth checking out.

If you haven’t jailbroken yet, read our guide on how to use Yalu & Cydia Impactor to jailbreak iOS 10.2.


Activator is a must-have tweak for every jailbroken iOS device. It provides a bunch of gestures to perform custom actions. For instance, you can long hold on the Home button to enable Night Shift rather than doing it from Control Center.


If you’re looking for a way to protect your jailbroken iOS device from unauthorized access, then you should definitely check out BioProtect. This tweak allows you to use Touch ID or passcode to protect access to apps, folders, settings, power off and much more.


This is a cool tweak that brings 3D Touch shortcuts to Control Center. It allows you to use 3D Touch gestures on Control Center toggles and access their dedicated settings page. For instance, you can 3D Touch the WiFi toggle to quickly open its page in Settings.

Cream 2

cream jailbreak tweak

Cream is a watchOS-inspired tweak that spices up your Control Center by colorizing the toggles that have been enabled. This makes it more distinguishable from other toggles.

Cydia repo:


Cylinder is an amazing jailbreak tweak that animates the Home screen app icons as you navigate from one page to another. It provides dozen of animation effects that bring a fancy look to your Home screen.

Eclipse 4

Eclipse 4 is a popular tweak that brings dark mode to iOS 10. It applies a dark color scheme to the interface of your apps, making it easier to read at night and reduces the amount of strain on your eyes.

ForceInPictureforceinpicture jailbreak tweak

Picture-in-Picture is limited to certain iPad models, but this jailbreak tweak allows you to use Picture-in-Picture mode on the iPhone as well. If you’ve ever wanted to multitask while watching a video on your iPhone, then you should give this tweak a try.


There are certain toggles that we wish were included in iOS 10’s Control Center, but since your device is jailbroken, you should try FlipControlCenter. This tweak allows you to add as many toggles as you’d like to Control Center including 3G/LTE, Location Services, VPN and much more.


Split View on iPads is a cool feature that allows you to place two apps side-by-side and multitask. Gorgone is a new jailbreak tweak that ports this feature to the iPhone and allows you to enable Split View while your iPhone is in landscape orientation.


iCleaner is a very useful tweak that allows you to free some storage space on your iOS device. The tweak scans your device’s filesystem to delete unnecessary files and free the occupied storage space.


iFile for iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

As opposed to the Android ecosystem, iOS doesn’t allow you to view the system files. iFile is a jailbreak tweak that gets rid of this restriction and allows you to access your device’s file system and add, delete or modify anything that you wish.

Lithium Ion

lithium ion

Customizing your iOS device is one of the staples of jailbreaking. Lithium Ion allows you to theme the battery indicator in the Status bar and bring a more fancier look to it.


If you don’t like the design of the stock iOS keyboard, then NudeKeys is something that you should try. It allows you to switch to a dark keyboard theme or customize the keyboard as you wish.

Power Tap

When you hold down the Power button on your iPhone, a slider is displayed for powering off your device. Power Tap goes a step further by allowing you to tap on the slider knob to respring, reboot or enter safe mode.


Zeppelin is one of the oldest Cydia tweaks that most jailbreak users may be familiar with. It allows you to change the carrier logo in the Status bar to a custom icon such as Batman, Apple logo, Star Wars, etc.

Cydia repo:

These are some of the best jailbreak tweaks and apps for iOS 10 – iOS 10.2 that we believe you should try on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you know of any tweak that should be added to the list then let us know in the comments below.