Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Digital Pendant With This App

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 4 Jul 2022

DripJunkies Orange

Apple markets the Apple Watch models as wearables, but who says you must wear them on your wrist? Since Amazon listings for necklace-style Apple Watch mounts are now available and gaining popularity, one developer believes the need of the hour is an app that converts the Apple Watch into a fully customizable digital pendant.

Aptly named “DripJunkies: Wear Digital Art,” the app allows you to use any digital media as an always-on digital locket, converting the Apple Watch into the ultimate digital accessory. The app’s developer, Bevan Verma (who goes by TwizzleHoverboard on Reddit), explains that as an artist, there was no easy way to get their art out there and let people wear it. With DripJunkies, the idea is to turn a popular device like the Apple Watch into a portable digital canvas that doubles up as a fashion accessory. The developer says it is “sort of what a T-Shirt does, but digitally.”

They add that the focus is on “developing artworks for different social justice causes like gay rights, racial injustice, women’s rights, etc.” DripJunkies is for everyone who supports social justice causes and those who want a mode of expression in the form of art. It is also an excellent platform for artists to showcase digital animations and creations which cannot be transformed into physical pendants and jewelry. You could even show off the NFT you purchased! The only prerequisite is that you should have an Apple Watch Series 5 or a newer model.

A Little Lost, a Little Gain

One could argue that a digital pendant isn’t what Apple designed the Apple Watch to be. One would lose conveniences such as wireless Apple Pay, fitness tracking, and access to notifications on the wrist. However, several comments on Reddit suggest users of the app have come to terms with the wearable’s limited functionality when using DripJunkies. At the same time, they haven’t faced issues either. Users haven’t reported OLED burn-in from displaying static images, and outdoor visibility isn’t an issue.

DripJunkies Purple

Getting the Most out of the App

Responding to curious Redditors, the app’s developer explains that DripJunkies is different from existing options like Apple’s Portraits and Photos watch faces. You can upload GIFs and short video loops. All you need to do is save the GIF to Files on your iPhone and then upload it in DripJunkies using the Files app. Moreover, when DripJunkies is in use, the Apple Watch doesn’t dim or turn off the display.

DripJunkies is free to download and install and offers tons of personalization options. You can change the displayed art every four hours, but an annual subscription priced at $69.99 or a monthly subscription priced at $9.99 can eliminate this restriction. It will also give you access to subscriber-exclusive content. The app truly redefines how the Apple Watch is perceived as a wearable.